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Skiing Organizations

Skiing , a primary means of transport in the ancient days emerged as one of the popular modern sport events during the nineteenth century. During the period, many skiing organizations were also established in different

countries for regulating the growing sport. The activity was also considered to be highly useful for military purpose. The main aim of the skiing organizations is to cater to the sport in every aspect. Various events in the field of skiing are arranged by these organizations. They also provide with detailed information on the sport. The International Ski Federation , also known as FIS, is one of the chief governing bodies of the sport.

The rules followed during the skiing competitions are also drafted by the skiing organizations . Apart from the international bodies in the domain of the sport, there are also various national organizations . A number of domestic skiing organizations and ski clubs also exist in different countries, which are responsible for regulating the sport at the national and domestic levels. However, the national and domestic skiing organizations have to follow the guidelines set by the international bodies. The skiing organizations also arrange for different training programs for the skiing enthusiasts. The main categories of the skiing organizations are—

International Organizations

International Organizations of skiing are engaged in governing the skiing at the highest level and is responsible for organizing a number of international tournaments of different categories of the sport. There are a number of governing bodies of skiing at the international level depending on the categories of the sport and these are the organizations which hold the most popular events of these skiing types.

The International Organizations of skiing include the International Biathlon Union or the IBU which came into existence on the 2 nd of July, 1993. This non-profit organization takes care of the sport of Biathlon at the international level. The other international organizations associated with skiing are the International Free Skiers Association or the IFSA which was founded by Shane McConkey, Lhotse Hawk and several freeskiers and organizations. A few other international skiing organizations are the International Ski Instructors Organization or ISIA and the International Skiing History Association or ISHA. The International Ski Federation or the FIS is the largest and the most significant of all the international skiing organizations. It is the responsible organization for staging events like the Alpine Skiing World Cup, FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and others.

The international organizations of skiing are the main governing bodies associated with the sport. They have been taking progressive steps in spreading the sport in all the possible skiing destinations of the world.

National Organizations

National Organizations associated with the sport of skiing are engaged in the governing of the sport in specific countries and are spread in a number of countries all over the world. These are the official bodies for overseeing the different aspects of the sport at the national level. The national organizations of skiing also give the trainings to the potential and interested skiers in different categories of skiing.

Apart from the international skiing organizations , the sport of skiing is taken care of in different countries by their respective national organizations. Most of the countries, where skiing is a predominant sport, have their own governing bodies for the sport. The organizations give trainings to the players as well as the coaches. They organize the major competitions of skiing in the countries and also encourage the spread of the sport in those countries. Sometimes the national skiing organizations also take care of other sports like snow boarding and also several categories of skiing like Freestyle Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Alpine Skiing and others. Some of the major national organizations of skiing of the world are the Iran Ski Federation, US National Ski Hall of Fame, British Association of Snowsport Instructors, Croatian Ski Association and others.

The national organizations of ski are the basic bodies from where the sport develops. These bodies have played great part in the expansion and development of the sport and are an important part of the skiing world.