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Montreal 1976 Olympic Medals Table

The 1976 Montreal Olympics took place from 17 July to 1 August, 1976 in Montreal, Canada with a total of 6,084 athletes from 92 countries participating in 198 events in 23 different sports. A triggering 28 African countries chose to boycott the Games.

Athletes hailing from 41 countries were successful in winning at least one medal and 51 others were left with no medal in hand. The 1976 Montreal Olympics also became a witness to the first-time medal-winning nations, including Thailand and Bermuda. One of the most unfortunate things about these Games was that the host nation Canada couldn't win even a single gold medal and also fell in terms of finance.

USSR won most of the medals, including 49 gold, 41 silver and 35 bronze. Additionally, German Democratic Republic finished on the second position by winning 40 gold, 25 silver and 25 bronze medals. According to sports-wise medals, two bronze medals were awarded for each weight class in boxing and judo. Also, two bronze medals were given away to the third-place ties in the men's pommel horse and men's horizontal bare events in gymnastics. Coming to the women's team, two silver medals were awarded for a second-place tie in the women's vault with no bronze medals awarded for the sports event.

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