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Participants in Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics will see a record number of countries participating in this sporting event. More than 11,000 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) will compete across 28 Olympic sports from August 5-21, 2016. Kosovo and South Sudan will be participating for the first time.

Team of Refugee Olympic Athletes

For the first time in the history of Summer Olympics, a team of Refugee Olympic Athletes has been created to accommodate highly talented athletes who don't belong to any country. A team of up to 10 refugees would be seen competing with their rivals to get maximum medals in the Rio Olympics. The team will be formed by selecting from 43 high-performance athletes.

Olympics Trivia

  • The Vatican City is a sovereign state that has never competed in the Olympics.
  • Macau cannot compete at the Olympics as it is not a member of the International Olympic Committee.
  • The first Modern Olympics, which was held in Athens in 1896, witnessed a participation of 241 athletes from 14 countries.
  • Czechoslovakia (1920-1992), East Germany (1968-1988), and Republic of China (1924-1948) were some of the countries that no longer compete in Olympics under that name.

List of Countries Participating in Rio Olympics 2016
An estimated 11,000 athletes from 206 countries will compete in Rio Summer Olympics 2016. South Sudan and Kosovo would be participating in the event for the first time. During the 17 days of the event, there will be 306 medal events.

Last updated on : May 24, 2016