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International Olympic Committee

International Olympic Committee: The International Olympic Committee is the supreme authority of the Olympic Movement . The organization was created by Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrios Vikelas on 23 rd June in 1894 . The organization was created to reinstate the Ancient Summer Games . Its headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland . International Olympic Committee , also known as the IOC , is responsible for the development and promotion of sport on all levels. In one word, the IOC 's main aim is to promote "Olympism". The IOC ensures the regular celebration of Summer Games , the sport and cultural festivals of the Olympic Movement . The original committee had 14 members . At present there are about 70 members working to operate the mission of the committee. These dedicated individuals are considered ambassadors from the committee to their national sports organizations.

The structure of the International Olympic Committee: The powers of the International Olympic Committee are exercised by its different organs. These organs are-

  • The International Olympic Committee Session - Session is the supreme organ of the IOC. This is the general meting of the members of the IOC . The ordinary Session is held once a year. Special Sessions may be called by the president upon the written request of at least one third of the members. The powers of the IOC Session are- to adopt or amend the Olympic Charter; to elect the members of IOC; to elect the President, the Vice-President and other members of the IOC Board; to elect the host city of the Summer Games
  • The International Olympic Committee Executive Board - The IOC Executive Board is constructed with the President, four Vice-Presidents and ten other members . All members of the IOC Executive Board are elected by the Session . The International Olympic Committee Executive Board assumes the overall responsibility for the administration of the IOC.
  • The President of the International Olympic Committee - The IOC Session (composed of the IOC Members) elects, by secret ballot, a President from among its members. The President is elected for a term of eight years . The term is renewable once for four years . The next President election will then take place. The President represents the IOC and presides over all its activities.
  • The Membership of the International Olympic Committee: The members of the International Olympic Committee were generally elected by other existing members. The host countries of the Summer Games were allowed two members in the organization, while other countries could have one or none as their representative. Members of the royalty were targets of co-option for a long time. Now in order to get a better representation of the sports world, athletes, International Federations leaders and National Olympic Committees leaders are opted for the members of the concern.

    Total number of members in IOC may not exceed 115 with each member elected for a term of eight years . The members, whose memberships are not linked to any specific function or office, cannot exceed the number of 70 . There should not be more than one member from one country in the IOC . Maximum of 15 athletes are selected during the Summer Games for eight years . Number of members, who are presidents or holding an executive position in IFs , cannot exceed 15 in number. Presidents or persons holding an executive or senior leadership position within NOCs - may not be more than 15 in number.


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