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Long Jump for Women at Olympics

Long Jump for Women at Olympics: Long jump is also referred to as "broad jump". The event is categorized under the horizontal jumping events in the field athletics competitions. The long jumpers try to jump as far as possible from the take off point. The landing area used in the event is usually filled with ground gravel or sand. The action of the long jump comprises of four parts-the approach run, the last two strides, take off and the movement in air and landing. Speed is the key of success in the long jump. Apart from speed, athletes have to possess great power and swiftness to excel in the event. The event was contested by the women for the first time in 1895. However, the event was internationally recognized as a women's sport much later.

Long Jump for Women in Summer Olympics: Long Jump was introduced to the women's athletics program during the 1948 London Summer Games. Since then, the event has been contested regularly at the Olympics.

Rules for Long Jump for Women at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF sets rules for the track and field athletics events. The rules, which are followed during the long jump competitions, are-

  • The design of the take-off board and the material of it have been determined by the IAAF.
  • The IAAF has specified the distance between the take-off line and the end of the landing area. The distance has been fixed to a minimum of 10 meter.
  • The width of the landing area generally varies between 2.75 meter and 3 meter.
  • The landing area has to be filled with soft damp sand.
  • Athletes are not permitted to touch the ground outside the take-off line and before the landing area. An athlete offending this rule is readily disqualified from the competition.
  • The length of the jump taken by the athlete is measured from the take off line to the point of contact in the landing area.
  • Medal Winners in the Long Jump for Women at Olympics: Some of the athletes, who excelled in the domain of long jump at the international level, are Marion Jones, Yelena Khlopotnova, Tatyana Lebedeva, Inessa Kravets, Yelena Belevskaya, Tatyana Kotova, Anisoara Stanciu, Heike Drechsler, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Galina Chistyakova, Tatyana Kolpakova, Angela Voigt, Heide Rosendahl, Viorica Viscopoleanu, Mary Rand, Vera Krepkina, Elzbieta Krzesinska, Yvette Williams and Olga Gyarmati.

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