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Javelin Throw for Women at Olympics

Javelin Throw for Women at Olympics: Javelin throw is a field athletics event contested at international competitions. Javelin is a spear-like object made from fiber glass or metal. In the event, a javelin is thrown from a specified point on the competition ground to a distance. In the ancient days, javelin was used as a means of warfare and hunting. In the modern time, javelin throw is practiced only as a sport event. Power and flexibility are the key factors for success in the event. The athletes run up on the track before throwing the javelin. The event involves a certain amount of risk. For this reason, the event is often dropped from the athletics program.

Javelin Throw for Women in Summer Olympics: Javelin throw was held at the Olympics for the first time during the 1932 Los Angeles Summer Games. The event was included in the women's field athletics program. Since the 1932 Games, the event has been a regular part of the athletics schedule in the Olympics.

Rules for Javelin Throw for Women at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF has set the rules, which are followed in the track and field athletics competitions at international level. The rules important for the javelin throw competitions are-

  • The weight and the length of the javelin used in the javelin throw event are specified by the IAAF.
  • During the event, every athlete is given three to six chances to throw the javelin.
  • The body movement of the athletes during and after the throw has been specified in the rules set by the IAAF.
  • According to the IAAF rules, the point of the javelin should touch the ground first. Only then the throw can be recorded as a legal throw.
  • The best throw made by the athletes are recorded to decide the winner of the event.
  • No athlete is permitted to leave the run-up area until the javelin thrown by her touches the landing area. Leaving the competition area without judge's permission is also prohibited.
  • The second best throw is considered as the determining factor, when there is a tie between athletes for the first position.
  • Medal Winners in the Javelin Throw for Women at Olympics: Dana Zatopkova, Fatima Whitbread, Tessa Sanderson, Osleidys Menendez, Tiina Lillak, Trine Hattestad, Ruth Fuchs, Petra Felke, Heli Rantanen, Silke Renk, Maria Colon, Angela Nemeth, Mihaela Penes, Elvira Ozolina, Inese Jaunzeme, Herma Bauma and Tilly Fleischer are the leading athletes in the field of javelin throw at international level.

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