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Discus Throw for Women at Olympics: Discus throwing is one of the ancient games contested since the historical days. The practice of discus throwing dates back to the 5 th century B.C. It has been included in the athletics program of major competitions. During the discus throw competition, the athletes have to throw a lens shaped disc made from heavy metal with the border covered with rubber, wood, plastic or metal. The athletes competing in the discus throw event have to work hard to acquire the throwing technique. Women competed in the discus throwing event for the first time in1914. At that time, the weight of the disc was 1.25 kilogram. Later, the standard weight of the disc thrown was fixed to 1 kilogram.

Discus Throw for Women in Summer Olympics: Discus throwing event was included in the women's athletics program at the 1928 Amsterdam Summer Games. After the 1928 Games, the event has been contested regularly during the Olympic athletics competition.

Rules for Discus Throw for Women at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF is authorized to set rules, which should be followed during the track and field athletics competitions. The rules important for the discus throw event at the international competitions are-

  • The IAAF has specified the weight of the disc used in the discus throw event.
  • The distance covered by the disc is the distance from the border of the circle to the point on the landing area, where the disc touched the ground.
  • An athlete is not permitted to leave the circle until the disc thrown by her has touched the ground in the landing area. She is also not allowed to exit without the consent of the judge.
  • Each athlete is given eight chances to throw the disc. The best throw is recorded to determine the winner of the event.
  • To break the tie between two athletes, the second best throw of the athletes are evaluated.
  • Medal Winners in the Discus Throw for Women at Olympics: Martina Hellmann, Gisela Beyer, Tsvetanka Khristova, Galina Savinkova, Irina Meszynski, Daniela Costian, Diana Sachse-Gansky, Ilke Wyludda, Zdenka Silhava, Gabriele Reinsch, Natalya Sadova, Ellina Zvereva, Maritza Marten, Ria Stalman, Evelin Schlaak, Faina Melnik, Lia Manoliu, Tamara Press, Nina Romashkova, Olga Fikotova, Micheline Ostermeyer, Gisela Mauermayer, Lillian Copeland and Halina Konopacka are some of the leading athletes in the domain of the discus throwing event at the international level.

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