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Women 100-meter hurdle at Olympics

100 meter Hurdle for Women at Olympics: The hurdling event is a running event, which involve running over hurdles set on the track. The hurdle races are generally held only in the Olympics. The 100 meter hurdle race is the standard sprint

hurdle for women, which is competed at the international competitions. In the event, 10 hurdles are placed along the track at a gap of 8.5 meter. The height of the hurdles in the 100 meter hurdle event is 84.0 centimeter. The 100 meter hurdle race is a very technical event. Only the well conditioned and skilled athletes can succeed in the event.

100 meter Hurdle for Women in Summer Olympics: The 100 meter hurdle event was held in the women's athletics program at the 1972 Munich Summer Games. Since the 1972 Games, the event has been held at every Summer Games.

Rules for 100 meter Hurdle for Women at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF has set rules to be followed in the track and field athletics events. The rules applicable to the 100 meter hurdle event at the international competitions are-

  • Metal and wood are used to make hurdles and the top bars of the hurdles.
  • The hurdles are made in such a way, that they can be adjusted at different height for different events.
  • The IAAF has specified the length and width of each hurdle. The top bar of each hurdle is painted white and black in color.
  • Runners cannot leave or change their respective lanes during the race.
  • An athlete is disqualified from the competition if she deliberately knocks down the hurdles in her way. However, if the hurdles are overturned unintentionally, then that is not considered to be an offence.
  • An athlete cannot obstruct her competitors' way during the race. If found, an athlete can be disqualified from the competition.
  • If an athlete steps out of the track during the race, she is not allowed to join her competitors.
  • The athlete, who is unable to finish the race, is not given any credit for her performance.
  • The automatic timing device used for measuring the time during the races has to be approved by the IAAF.

Medal Winners in the 100 meter Hurdle for Women at Olympics:

Yordanka DONKOVABUL101
Yordanka DONKOVABUL101
Joanna HAYESUSA100

Some of the famous athletes, who won medals in the 100 meter hurdle event, are Joanna Hayes, Olga Shishigina, Ludmila Engquist, Voula Patoulidou, Yordanka Donkova, Benita Fitzgerald-Brown, Vera Komisova, Johanna Schaller-Klier, Annelie Ehrhardt, Olena Krasovska, Glory Alozie, Brigita Bukovec, LaVonna Martin, Gloria Siebert, Shirley Strong, Tatyana Anisimova, Valeria Bufanu, Michelle Perry, Perdita Felicien and Gail Devers.
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