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Standing High Jump at Olympics

Standing High Jump featured in the Summer Games between 1900 and 1912. This athletic event is similar to that of high jump. The only difference between high jump and standing high jump is that in the latter the athlete jumps with his feet joined together.

Standing High Jump at Olympics was dropped from the Summer Games in 1916. In the same year, Standing Long Jump was also excluded from the Olympics.


Given below are the names of the athletes, who have won medals in the Standing High Jump at the Summer Games:

  • 1900 - Ray Ewry (Gold medal), Irving Baxter (Silver medal) and Lewis Sheldon (Bronze medal)
  • 1904 - Ray Ewry (Gold medal), Joseph Stadler (Silver medal) and Lawson Robertson (Bronze medal)
  • 1906 - Ray Ewry (Gold medal) and Leon Dupont, Martin Sheridan and Lawson Robertson (Silver medals)
  • 1908 - Ray Ewry (Gold medal) and Konstantinos Tsiklitiras and John Biller (Silver medals)
  • 1912 - Platt Adams (Gold medal), Benjamin Adams (Silver medal) and Konstantinos Tsiklitiras (Bronze medal)

    Ray Ewry had won the gold medal consecutively on four occassions, which was a record in itself.

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