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Field Events at Olympics

Field Events at Olympics constitute of events that are played by men and women outdoors. Events like long jump, high jump, triple high jump, shot put for men and women, javelin throw, hammer throw and discus, pole vault, all these games form a part of the Summer Games events. All these track events make the Summer Games special and give it a touch of uniqueness since Olympics is the only sports event which has space for every type of sport. Players from various nationalities participate in these games which have been a part of the Olympics right from its inception.

The Field events at Olympics are:

  • Long Jump - This is a popular event at the Olympics. In this sport a player has to jump as long as possible. Both men and women take part in this.
  • The Triple Jump - Again both men and women can appear in this game, which was incorporated in the Olympics from its inception in 1896. More like the long jump, this sport requires the player to jump in three steps. The first time he has to hop, followed by landing on the second foot and finally landing on the starting foot.
  • High Jump - A player has to jump as high as possible from the starting point over a horizontal bar without taking any support from any other device. Flexibility and speed are prerequisites to this game.
  • Shot Put - A heavy metal ball is thrown by the contestants. The greater the distance the most points the player accumulates.
  • Discus Throw - It is one of the oldest games practiced on earth. A lens shaped disc is thrown by the players which is made of heavy metal and bordered by wood, rubber and plastic. The women's event started in 1914.
  • Hammer Throw - This is a steel ball throwing event enrolled under the Athletics category wherein the players need to throw the steel ball by grasping the grip.
  • Javelin Throw - This is another field event in which the javelin has to be thrown by the players from a specific point on the ground. The javelin is made of metal or fiber glass.
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