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Discus Throw for Men at Olympics

Discus Throw for Men at Olympics: The discus throw is a throwing event which is a part of the track and field athletics program in major competitions. Discus throwing was contested in the ancient days. A sculpture of a discus thrower made in the 5 th century B.C. is the evidence of the fact that the sport was quite popular in that time. In the discus throwing competition, the athletes require to throw a lens shaped disc at distance. The disc is generally made from heavy metal. The border of the disc is covered with rubber, plastic, wood or metal. Acquiring the skill of discus throwing is very difficult. The athletes competing in the event have to be very well conditioned and flexible. Experience and practice are the key factor for success in the discus throwing competitions.

Discus Throw for Men in Summer Olympics: Discus throwing competition was held in the 1896 Athens Summer Olympics. Since then, the event has become a regular part of the Summer Games. The United States of America has been dominating this domain of track and field athletics for a long time.

Rules for Discus Throw for Men at Olympics: The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF has set rules for the track and field athletics events. The rules which are followed at the international discus throw competitions are-

  • The weight of the disc used in the discus throw event is predetermined by the IAAF.
  • An athlete cannot exit the circle until the disc thrown by him has landed in the landing area. He is also not allowed to leave without the judge's permission.
  • The distance covered by the disc is measured from the border of the circle to the point on the landing area, where the disc touched the ground.
  • The number of throws allowed to every athlete varies from three to eight. The best throw is recorded and evaluated for deciding the winner of the competition.
  • The tie between two athletes is broken by calculating the second best throw of the athletes.
  • Medal Winners in the Discus Throw for Men: The United States of America has been the leading figure in the discus throwing event. Quiik Musta, Imrich Bugar, Ricky Bruch, John Powell, Ben Plucknett, Lars Riedel, Robert Fazekas, Yuriy Dumchev, Gerd Kanter, Virgilijus Alekna, Jurgen Schult, Virgilijus Alekna, Romas Ubartas, Rolf Danneberg, Viktor Rashchupkin, Mac Wilkins, Ludvik Danek, Al Oerter, Sim Iness, Adolfo Consolini, Ken Carpenter, John Anderson, Clarence Houser, Elmer Niklander, Armas Taipale, Martin Sheridan, Rudolf Bauer and Robert Garrett are some of the leading athletes who have excelled in the discus throwing competition.

    Trivia: In the 1964 Tokyo Summer Games, Al Oerter of the United States of America won the Olympic title in the discus throwing event for the third time in his career. He achieved this honor in spite of having serious injury in his cervical disc and rib cartilage.

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