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56 Pound Weight Throw at Olympics

56 pound weight throw at Olympics was one of the major events that form an integral part of the Summer Games. It is a track and field event that was held for the first time in 1904 Summer Olympics. The event took place for the second as well as the last time at the Summer Olympics of 1920.

56 pound weight throw at Olympics was excluded from Track and Field Championships in 1980. Presently, it is an official US championship that takes place simultaneously with women's 35 pound weight throw.

Some of the reasons that led to the exclusion of this Amateur Athletic Union championship from the Olympics are given below:

  • In order to include some of the women's events, a few other events were excluded from Olympics schedule
  • Use of both hands in 56 Pound Weight Throw made it similar to hammer throw
  • Popularity of discus throw and javelin, after the revival of Summer GamesWinners

    Etienne Desmarteau won the gold medal for 56 pound weight throw event at the Summer Olympics of 1904. The silver medal was acquired by John Jesus Flanagan of the United States while his compatriot James Mitchel won the bronze medal. Charles Henneman, Charles Chadwick and Ralph Rose were the other participants of 56 pound weight throw.

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