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3000 Meter Walk at Olympics

Now an obsolete athletics event, 3000 Meter Walk at olympics was held at the unofficial Summer Games in 1906 Athens.

Embedded in the history of athletics, the 3000 Meter Walk was an event to watch at the 1906 Summer Olympics at Athens. However, the 1906 games is not considered as an official Olympiad and was called as the Intercalated Games. A game of great endurance, technique and stamina, 3000 Meter Walk at the Intercalated Games was participated by athletes from different countries.

The Medal Winners

The first three spots of the 3000 Meter Walk at Intercalated Olympics, 1906 were secured by Gyorgy Sztantics of Hungary, Hermann Muller of Germany and Georgios Saridakis of Greece respectively. The 3000 Meter Walk was never included in Olympics and was replaced by a 3500 Meter Walk event at the 1908 London Olympics.

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