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3000 Meter Team Race at Olympics

Now an obsolete track and field event, the 3000 Meter Team Race at Olympics is deeply associated with the legendary athlete Paavo Nurmi of Finland. Along with his team members, he won the gold medal in that event in the 1924 Paris Olympics.

Once in Olympic History

The only time that 3000 Meter Team Race was held in the Summer Games was at Paris in 1924. The qualifying heat for this exciting event took place on 11th July, 1924 and was competed by teams from Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Norway, France, Finland and few other countries.

The finals took place on the13th and Finland, with athletes like Paavo Nurmi, Elias Katz and Ville Ritola, won the gold medal. Great Britain, with George Webber, Harry Johnston and Bertram Macdonald, won the silver while the US team, comprised of Willard Tibbets, Bill Cox and Edward Kirby, clinched the bronze medal.

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