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Ukrainian Athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics

Ukraine Medal Count (Tally) 2016 Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio will be Ukraine's sixth consecutive appearance and the team look promising. Those who have been following the Olympics for some time now, they would know some of the start Ukrainian athletes such as Yana Klochkova, Lilia Podkopayeva, and Vasyl Lomachenko.

While a large chunk of athletes will be seen in athletics events, they will also be competing in badminton, boxing, canoeing, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, judo, rowing, sailing, swimming, table tennis, wrestling, and weightlifting.

It is for the first time in Olympic history that Ukraine is sending a squad of nine synchronized swimmers to compete in both the women's team and duet routine.

Immediately after the Rio Olympics is over, the Ukrainians would put their bet on the shooter, Oleksii Denysiuk as he will be one of the stars at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games in September.


The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 27
  • Athletes Participating : 205
  • Events : 145

Ukraine Olympic Team - 2016 Rio Olympics

Rank Country Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total
S.N.Athletes NamesSports
1Anastasia PavlovaA. PavlovaArchery
2Viktor RubanV. RubanArchery
3Lidiia SichenikovaL. SichenikovaArchery
4Dmytro MytrofanovD. MytrofanovBoxing
5Mykola ButsenkoM. ButsenkoBoxing
6Tetyana KobT. KobBoxing
7Yuriy ChebanY. ChebanCanoe sprint
8Yana BelomoynaY. BelomoynaCycling - Mountain bike
9Iryna PopovaI. PopovaCycling - Mountain bike
10Andriy HrivkoA. HrivkoCycling - Road
11Denys KostyukD. KostyukCycling - Road
12Hanna SoloveyH. SoloveyCycling - Road
13Mark PadunM. PadunCycling - Road
14Lyubov ShulikaL. ShulikaCycling - Track
15Illya KvashaI. KvashaDiving
16Yulia ProkopchukY. ProkopchukDiving
17Olena FedorovaO. FedorovaDiving
18Oleksandr GorshkovozovO. GorshkovozovDiving
19Ganna KrasnoshlykG. KrasnoshlykDiving
20Anastasiia NedobigaA. NedobigaDiving
21Maksym DolhovM. DolhovDiving
22Ulrich KirchhoffU. KirchhoffEquestrian
23Cassio RivettiC. RivettiEquestrian
24Inna LogutenkovaI. LogutenkovaEquestrian
25Ferenc SzentirmaiF. SzentirmaiEquestrian
26René TebbelR. TebbelEquestrian
27Olga KharlanO. KharlanFencing
28Yana ShemyakinaY. ShemyakinaFencing
29Anatoliy HereyA. HereyFencing
30Bohdan NikishynB. NikishynFencing
31Olena KryvytskaO. KryvytskaFencing
32Kseniya PantelyeyevaK. PantelyeyevaFencing
33Olga A. LeleykoO. LeleykoFencing
34Dmytro KaryuchenkoD. KaryuchenkoFencing
35Alina KomashchukA. KomashchukFencing
36Oleg VerniaievO. VerniaievGymnastics
37Ihor RadivilovI. RadivilovGymnastics
38Angelina KyslaA. KyslaGymnastics
39Vladyslav HrykoV. HrykoGymnastics
40Georgii ZantaraiaG. ZantaraiaJudo
41Iakiv KhammoI. KhammoJudo
42Svitlana IaromkaS. IaromkaJudo
43Maryna CherniakM. CherniakJudo
44Pavlo TymoshchenkoP. TymoshchenkoModern pentathlon
45Ganna RizatdinovaG. RizatdinovaRhythmic gymnastics
46Yevgeniya GomonY. GomonRhythmic gymnastics
47Oleksandra GridasovaO. GridasovaRhythmic gymnastics
48Olena BuryakO. BuryakRowing
49Artem MorozovA. MorozovRowing
50Anastasiia KozhenkovaA. KozhenkovaRowing
51Daryna VerkhogliadD. VerkhogliadRowing
52Oleksandr NadtokaO. NadtokaRowing
53Olena KostevychO. KostevychShooting
54Oleh OmelchukO. OmelchukShooting
55Mikola MilchevM. MilchevShooting
56Roman BondarukR. BondarukShooting
57Andriy HovorovA. HovorovSwimming
58Daryna ZevinaD. ZevinaSwimming
59Mykhailo RomanchukM. RomanchukSwimming
60Darya StepanyukD. StepanyukSwimming
61Kseniya SydorenkoK. SydorenkoSynchronized swim
62Anna VoloshynaA. VoloshynaSynchronized swimming
63Lolita AnanasovaL. AnanasovaSynchronized swimming
64Kou LeiL. KouTable tennis
65Tetyana BilenkoT. BilenkoTable tennis
66Elina SvitolinaE. SvitolinaTennis
67Lesia TsurenkoL. TsurenkoTennis
68Illya MarchenkoI. MarchenkoTennis
69Olga SavchukO. SavchukTennis
70Denys MolchanovD. MolchanovTennis
71Nadiia KichenokN. KichenokTennis
72Lyudmyla KichenokL. KichenokTennis
73Bohdan BondarenkoB. BondarenkoTrack & field
74Nataliya PryshchepaN. PryshchepaTrack & field
75Olha SaladuhaO. SaladuhaTrack & field
76Yuliya LevchenkoY. LevchenkoTrack & field
77Olesya PovhO. PovhTrack & field
78Hanna MelnychenkoH. MelnychenkoTrack & field
79Maryna BekhM. BekhTrack & field
80Olha ZemlyakO. ZemlyakTrack & field
81Nataliya PohrebnyakN. PohrebnyakTrack & field
82Natalia SemenovaN. SemenovaTrack & field
83Mariya RyemyenM. RyemyenTrack & field
84Nataliia LupuN. LupuTrack & field
85Andriy ProtsenkoA. ProtsenkoTrack & field
86Hrystyna StuyH. StuyTrack & field
87Oksana OkunevaO. OkunevaTrack & field
88Mykyta NesterenkoM. NesterenkoTrack & field
89Yelyzaveta BryzginaY. BryzginaTrack & field
90Alina FyodorovaA. FyodorovaTrack & field
91Serhiy SmelykS. SmelykTrack & field
92Hanna TitimetsH. TitimetsTrack & field
93Hanna PlotitsynaH. PlotitsynaTrack & field
94Hanna Hatsko-FedusovaH. Hatsko-FedusovaTrack & field
95Alina LohvynenkoA. LohvynenkoTrack & field
96Olha BibikTrack & field
97Kateryna DerunK. DerunTrack & field
98Viktoriya TkachukV. TkachukTrack & field
99Nataliya StrohovaN. StrohovaTrack & field
100Olha LyakhovaO. LyakhovaTrack & field
101Iryna HerashchenkoI. HerashchenkoTrack & field
102Ihor HlavanI. HlavanTrack & field
103Ruslan DmytrenkoR. DmytrenkoTrack & field
104Nataliya LehonkovaN. LehonkovaTrack & field
105Nataliia MoskvinaN. MoskvinaTrampoline
106Yuliya YelistratovaY. Yelistratova-SapunovaTriathlon
107Iryna DekhaI. DekhaWeightlifting
108Iulia ParatovaI. ParatovaWeightlifting
109Anastasiia LysenkoA. LysenkoWeightlifting
110Zhan BeleniukZ. BeleniukWrestling
111Oksana HerhelO. HerhelWrestling
112Alen ZasieievWrestling
113Valerii AndriitsevV. AndriitsevWrestling
114Yuliya OstapchukY. OstapchukWrestling
115Alina Stadnik MakhyniaA. Stadnik MakhyniaWrestling
116Andriy KvyatkovskyyA. KvyatkovskyyWrestling
117Oleksandr ChernetskyiO. ChernetskyiWrestling
118Dimitriy TimchenkoD. TimchenkoWrestling
119Alla CherkasovaA. CherkasovaWrestling
120Yuliya KhavaldzhyY. KhavaldzhyWrestling

Ukraine Medals Table

Olympic GamesGoldSilverBronze
Sochi 2014 Winter Games101
London 2012 Summer Games659
Beijing 2008 Summer Games7515
Turin 2006 Winter Games002
Athens 2004 Summer Games859
Sydney 2000 Summer Games31010
Nagano 1998 Winter Games010
Atlanta 1996 Summer Games9212
Lillehammer 1994 Winter Games101

Last Updated On : August 09, 2016

Olympic Athletes - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

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