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Slovenia Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Slovenia at 2016 Rio Olympics

Slovenia is one of the nations expected to offer fierce competition in Rio Summer Olympics, especially in athletics, judo and canoeing. The country is participating at Summer Olympics for the seventh time and is expected to field some of the most experienced athletes. Although the country's participation at these games can be traced back in 1912 when they were part of the Austrian team, Slovenia first participated as an independent nation at the Olympic Games in 1992.

Medals Won

For the last six times that Slovenia has participated in Summer Olympics, it has garnered a total of 19 medals. This is a number higher compared to winter Olympics, where it has secured a total of 15 medals. The country started well by earning 2 bronze medals in its first participation in 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

In 2008 Beijing Olympics, Slovenia won the highest number of medals in a single event – one gold, two silver, and two bronze medals. Its performance in 2000 Summer Olympics has been most memorable so far. The country got its first gold medals. The two medals came from rowing and shooting games.

Player and Events in 2016

Some of the main events that the country will be represented include canoeing, cycling, gymnastics, handball, judo, sailing, shooting, triathlon, swimming, and table tennis. These are the areas of strength for Slovenian athletes

Among the key players to watch out for in 2016 Rio Olympics are Zan Rudolf and Tanja Zakelj. Zan Rudolf is the Slovenian national record holder for the 800 meters while Tanja Zakelj is the 2013 European Champion and overall world cup winner in mountain biking.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 15
  • Athletes Participating : 60
  • Events : 52

Slovenia Olympic Athletes at 2016 Rio Olympics

S.N.Athletes NamesSports
1Peter KauzerP. KauzerCanoe slalom
2Luka BožičL. BožičCanoe slalom
3Benjamin SavsekB. SavsekCanoe slalom
4Urša KrageljU. KrageljCanoe slalom
5Sašo TaljatS. TaljatCanoe slalom
6Špela Ponomarenko JanićS. Ponomarenko JanićCanoe sprint
7Tanja ZakeljT. ŽakeljCycling - Mountain bike
8Primož RogličP. RogličCycling - Road
9Simon ŠpilakS. ŠpilakCycling - Road
10Matej MohoričM. MohoričCycling - Road
11Jan PolancJ. PolancCycling - Road
12Polona BatageljP. BatageljCycling - Road
13Teja BelakT. BelakGymnastics
14Dean BombačD. BombačHandball
15Uroš ZormanU. ZormanHandball
16Jure DolenecJ. DolenecHandball
17Gorazd ŠkofG. ŠkofHandball
18Vid KavtičnikV. KavtičnikHandball
19Blaž BlagotinšekB. BlagotinšekHandball
20Marko BezjakM. BezjakHandball
21Matej GaberM. GaberHandball
22Darko CingesarD. CingesarHandball
23Matevž SkokM. SkokHandball
24Vid PotekoV. PotekoHandball
25simon razgorS. RazgorHandball
26Blaz JancB. JancHandball
27Nik HenigmanN. HenigmanHandball
28Tina TrstenjakT. TrstenjakJudo
29Rok DraksicR. DraksicJudo
30Anamari VelensekA. VelensekJudo
31Adrian GombocA. GombocJudo
32Mihael ŽgankM. ŽgankJudo
33Spela PerseS. PerseMarathon swimming
34Vasilij ŽbogarV. ŽbogarSailing
35Tina MrakT. MrakSailing
36Veronika MacarolV. MacarolSailing
37Ziva DvorsakZ. DvorsakShooting
38Boštjan MačekB. MačekShooting
39Damir DugonjičD. DugonjičSwimming
40Anja KlinarA. KlinarSwimming
41Tjasa OderT. OderSwimming
42Tjaša VozelT. VozelSwimming
43Robert ZbogarR. ZbogarSwimming
44Anze TavcarA. TavcarSwimming
45Tjasa PintarT. PintarSwimming
46Janja SegelJ. SegelSwimming
47Martin BauM. BauSwimming
48Bojan TokičB. TokičTable tennis
49Maja MihalinecM. MihalinecTrack & field
50Martina RatejM. RatejTrack & field
51Maruša MišmašM. MišmašTrack & field
52Robert RennerR. RennerTrack & field
53Luka JanežičL. JanežičTrack & field
54Tina ŠutejT. ŠutejTrack & field
55Sabina VeitS. VeitTrack & field
56Žan RudolfŽ. RudolfTrack & field
57Anton KosmačA. KosmačTrack & field
58Daneja GrandovecD. GrandovecTrack & field
59Maruša CernjulM. CernjulTrack & field
60Mateja SimicM. SimicTriathlon

Slovenia Olympic Medals

Sochi 2014Winter Games2248
London 2012Summer Games1124
Vancouver 2010Winter Games0213
Beijing 2008Summer Games1225
Athens 2004Summer Games0134
Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games0011
Sydney 2000 Summer Games2002
Atlanta 1996 Summer Games0202
Lillehammer 1994 Winter Games0033
Barcelona 1992 Summer Games0022

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