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Serbia Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Serbia at 2016 Rio Olympics

Serbia is slated to participate in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The will mark Serbia’s fourth participation as an independent state.

History of Serbia at the Olympics

Serbia’s first appearance at the Olympic Games was in 1912 as the Kingdom of Serbia. Serbian athletes participated in the games as part of Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Montenegro. In 2008, it resumed its participation at summer Olympics as an independent team.

Serbia’s medal count

In Serbia’s Olympic Games history, the country has garnered seven medals which is quite a feat knowing that it has participated in only four games. Most of the medals won by Serbia are bronze, followed by silver and gold medals. Most of the medals have been won in those disciplines they are scheduled to participate in 2016.

Players to watch out for in 2016 Olympic Games

Serbian men’s water polo team is a huge favorite at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Andrija Prlainovic will lead the defending world water polo champions. Prlainovic’s contribution was instrumental in Serbia clinching the title in Russia after scoring thrice in an 11-4 win against Croatia. Prlainovic is a powerhouse amid notable talent in the team which consists of the world’s best water polo players.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 15
  • Athletes Participating : 105
  • Events : 56

Serbia Olympic Medals

London 2012Summer Games1124
Beijing 2008Summer Games0123

Serbia Olympic Athletes at 2016 Rio Olympics

S.N.Athletes NamesSports
1Bogdan BogdanovićB. BogdanovićBasketball
2Miloš TeodosićM. TeodosićBasketball
3Nikola JokićN. JokićBasketball
4Nikola KalinićN. KalinićBasketball
5Milica DabovićM. DabovićBasketball
6Miroslav RaduljicaM. RaduljicaBasketball
7Nemanja NedovićN. NedovićBasketball
8Ana DabovićA. DabovićBasketball
9Stefan BirčevićS. BirčevićBasketball
10Milan MačvanM. MačvanBasketball
11Marko SimonovićM. SimonovićBasketball
12Stefan JovićS. JovićBasketball
13Vladimir ŠtimacV. ŠtimacBasketball
14Stefan MarkovicS. MarkovicBasketball
15Sonja PetrovićS. PetrovicBasketball
16Danielle PageD. PageBasketball
17Jelena MilovanovićJ. MilovanovićBasketball
18Nevena JovanovićN. JovanovićBasketball
19Dajana ButulijaD. ButulijaBasketball
20Tamara RadočajT. RadočajBasketball
21Saša ČađoS. ČađoBasketball
22Sara KrnjićS. KrnjićBasketball
23Dragana StankovicD. StankovicBasketball
24Marko NovakovićM. NovakovićCanoe sprint
25Milica StarovićM. StarovićCanoe sprint
26Dalma Ružičić-BenedekD. Ružičić-BenedekCanoe sprint
27Nikolina MoldovanN. MoldovanCanoe sprint
28Dejan PajićD. PajićCanoe sprint
29Nebojša GrujićN. GrujićCanoe sprint
30Marko TomićevićM. TomićevićCanoe sprint
31Olivera MoldovanO. MoldovanCanoe sprint
32Milenko ZorićM. ZorićCanoe sprint
33Vladimir TorubarovV. TorubarovCanoe sprint
34Jovana CrnogoracJ. CrnogoracCycling - Mountain bike
35Ivan StevićI. StevićCycling - Road
36Aleksandar KukoljA. KukoljJudo
37Andrija ŠljukićA. ŠljukićRowing
38Marko MarjanovićM. MarjanovićRowing
39Nenad BeđikN. BeđikRowing
40Miloš VasićM. VasićRowing
41Ivana MaksimovićI. MaksimovićShooting
42Andrea ArsovićA. ArsovićShooting
43Zorana ArunovićZ. ArunovićShooting
44Damir MikecD. MikecShooting
45Bobana VeličkovićB. VeličkovićShooting
46Stevan PletikosićS. PletikosićShooting
47Dimitrije GrgicD. GrgicShooting
48Milutin StefanovićM. StefanovićShooting
49Milenko SebicM. SebicShooting
50Velimir StjepanovićV. StjepanovićSwimming
51Caba SiladjiC. SiladjiSwimming
52Anja CrevarA. CrevarSwimming
53Katarina SimonovicK. SimonovicSwimming
54Aleksandar KarakaševićA. KarakaševićTable tennis
55Milica MandićM. MandićTaekwondo
56Tijana BogdanovićT. BogdanovićTaekwondo
57Novak DjokovicN. DjokovicTennis
58Ana IvanovićA. IvanovicTennis
59Jelena JankovićJ. JankovićTennis
60Viktor TroickiV. TroickiTennis
61Aleksandra KrunićA. KrunićTennis
62Nenad ZimonjićN. ZimonjićTennis
63Ivana ŠpanovićI. ŠpanovićTrack & field
64Mihail DudašM. DudašTrack & field
65Asmir KolašinacA. KolašinacTrack & field
66Amela TerzićA. TerzićTrack & field
67Olivera JevtićO. JevtićTrack & field
68Dragana TomaševićD. TomaševićTrack & field
69Milan RistićM. RistićTrack & field
70Ana SubotićA. SubotićTrack & field
71Predrag FilipovićP. FilipovićTrack & field
72Nenad FilipovićN. FilipovićTrack & field
73Vladimir SavanovicV. SavanovicTrack & field
74Tamara SalaškiT. SalaskiTrack & field
75Andjelko RisticevicA. RisticevicTrack & field
76Jovana BrakočevićJ. BrakočevićVolleyball
77Maja OgnjenovićM. OgnjenovićVolleyball
78Stefana VeljkovićS. VeljkovićVolleyball
79Tijana BoškovićT. BoškovićVolleyball
80Brankica MihajlovicB. MihajlovićVolleyball
81Milena RašićM. RašićVolleyball
82Tijana MalesevicT. MalesevicVolleyball
83Jovana StevanovićJ. StevanovićVolleyball
84Jelena NikolićJ. NikolićVolleyball
85Bojana ŽivkovićB. ŽivkovićVolleyball
86Bianka BušaB. BušaVolleyball
87Filip FilipovićF. FilipovićWater polo
88Andrija PrlainovićA. PrlainovićWater polo
89Dušan MandićD. MandićWater polo
90Nikola JakšićN. JakšićWater polo
91Duško PijetlovićD. PijetlovićWater polo
92Gojko PijetlovićG. PijetlovićWater polo
93Slobodan NikićS. NikićWater polo
94Živko GocićŽ. GocićWater polo
95Miloš ĆukM. ĆukWater polo
96Milan AleksićM. AleksićWater polo
97Sava RanđelovićS. RanđelovićWater polo
98Stefan MitrovićS. MitrovićWater polo
99Branislav MitrovićB. MitrovicWater polo
100Davor ŠtefanekD. ŠtefanekWrestling
101Viktor NemesV. NemesWrestling
102Kristijan FrisK. FrisWrestling

Last Updated On : August 05, 2016

Team USA defeated team Serbia to win its third straight basketball gold medal in Men’s Basketball tournament. The winning team’s coach Mike Krzyzewski was utmost delighted with his team’s victory on the final day of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. USA won by a 19-15 lead and this is their 25th straight victory at the Olympic Games in addition to the 15th straight victory in the basketball tournament. 

Mo Farah of Great Britain has bagged the gold by winning the 5000 meters final and completed the double double. According to media reports, with this victory Farah has become the second man in the history of Olympics to be able to successfully defend his 5000 and 10000 Olympic championships. His victory is being hailed on Twitter with some calling him the greatest long distance runner of all time. Meanwhile, the silver medal has gone to Paul Kipkemoi Chelimo and Dejen Gebremeskel of Ethiopia has bagged the bronze.

In the women's event, Caster Semenya of South Africa won the Olympic gold in the 800m. She won in one minute 55.28 seconds.  Francine Niyonsaba of Burundi won the silver medal and Kenya's Margaret Nyairera Wambui bagged the bronze.

Chen Long of China has taken gold medal in the Rio Olympics 2016 after defeating Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, who has won a silver in men’s badminton today. Lee was facing pressure not to lose the match. He beat Lin Dan of China in the semi-final. Lee and Lin, both are considered to be the best players of their time. With Lee’s defeat, Malaysia has missed out the chance of getting an Olympic gold medal.


Italy came up with a win and is heading to men's volleyball final against Brazil, after defeating USA. The US men's volleyball team tried all their survival skills, but could not stand in front of Italy. The winning team's thriller was 30-28, 26-28, 9-25, 25-22, 15-9. After it was over, US coach John Speraw said that the team was not skilled enough and they did not execute on some of the opportunities, which Italy flawlessly did

French boxer Estelle Mossely celebrated her 24th birthday by winning a gold medal in Women’s lightweight boxing championship. She defeated China’s Yin Junhua after the end of four rounds that had the two defending champions leveled on the scorecards of three judges. The bronze medals were earned by Mira Potkonen of Finland and Anastasia Beliakova of Russia.

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