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Italian Athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics

Italy Medal Count (Tally) 2016 Olympics

Italy is sending 201 athletes to the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to 21, 2016.

Except for the thinly attended 1904 Summer Olympics held in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, Italy has taken part in every game of the modern era since its inception in 1896. The country has won 549 medals at the Summer Olympic Games.

Italy will compete in boxing, archery, athletics, cycling, gymnastics, fencing, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, water polo, diving, shooting, and others.

Italy hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.

Italy had sent a delegation of 285 players to the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, England, from July 27 to August 12, 2012. Of these, 162 were men and 123 women who competed in 22 sports. Italy bagged a total of 28 medals, which included eight gold, nine silver, and 11 bronze. Italy finished eight in the overall medals standing. It was for the first time since 1984 that Italy failed to win an Olympic medal in swimming.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 30
  • Athletes Participating : 290
  • Events : 168

Rank Country Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total

List of Italy Competitors Participating in the Rio Games

Modern pentathlon224
Synchronized swimming99
Water polo131326

Italy Olympic Team - 2016 Rio Olympics

Marco GaliazzoIndividualArcheryMen
Mauro NespoliIndividualArcheryMen
David PasqualucciIndividualArcheryMen
Marco GaliazzoTeamArcheryMen
Mauro NespoliTeamArcheryMen
David PasqualucciTeamArcheryMen
Lucilla BoariIndividualArcheryWomen
Claudia MandiaIndividualArcheryWomen
Guendalina SartoriIndividualArcheryWomen
Lucilla BoariTeamArcheryWomen
Claudia MandiaTeamArcheryWomen
Guendalina SartoriTeamArcheryWomen
Giordano Benedetti800 mAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Teodorico Caporaso50 km walkAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Marco De LucaN/AAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Eseosa Desalu200 mAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Yuri Floriani3000 m steeplechaseAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Matteo Galvan200 m & 400 mAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Matteo Giupponi50 km walkAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Stefano La RosaMarathonAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Davide Manenti200 mAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Daniele MeucciMarathonAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Ruggero PertileMarathonAthletics - Track & road eventsMen
Silvano ChesaniHigh jumpAthletics - Field eventsMen
Fabrizio DonatoTriple jumpAthletics - Field eventsMen
Marco LinguaHammer throwAthletics - Field eventsMen
Catherine BertoneMarathonAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Marzia Caravelli400 m hurdlesAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Maria Benedicta Chigbolu400 mAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Eleonora Giorgi20 km walkAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Libania Grenot400 mAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Gloria Hooper200 mAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Anna IncertiMarathonAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Veronica Inglese10000 mAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Margherita Magnani1500 mAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Antonella Palmisano20 km walkAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Yadisleidy Pedroso400 m hurdlesAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Elisa Rigaudo20 km walkAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Yusneysi Santiusti800 mAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Valeria StraneoMarathonAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Chiara Bazzoni4 × 400 m relayAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Elena Maria Bonfanti4 × 400 m relayAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Maria Benedicta Chigbolu4 × 400 m relayAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Libania Grenot4 × 400 m relayAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Marta Milani4 × 400 m relayAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Maria Enrica Spacca4 × 400 m relayAthletics - Track & road eventsWomen
Dariya DerkachTriple jumpAthletics - Field eventsWomen
Sonia MalavisiPole vaultAthletics - Field eventsWomen
Desirée RossitHigh jumpAthletics - Field eventsWomen
Alessia TrostHigh jumpAthletics - Field eventsWomen
Jeanine CicogniniWomen's singlesBadmintonWomen
Manuel CappaiLight flyweightBoxingMen
Carmine TommasoneLightweightBoxingMen
Vincenzo MangiacapreLight welterweightBoxingMen
Valentino ManfredoniaLight heavyweightBoxingMen
Clemente RussoHeavyweightBoxingMen
Guido VianelloSuper heavyweightBoxingMen
Irma TestaLightweightBoxingWomen
Giovanni De GennaroMen's K-1Canoeing - SlalomMen
Stefanie HornWomen's K-1Canoeing - SlalomWomen
Manfredi RizzaMen's K-1 200 mCanoeing - SprintMen
Carlo TacchiniMen's C-1 1000 mCanoeing - SprintMen
Mauro CrennaMen's K-4 1000 mCanoeing - SprintMen
Giulio DressinoMen's K-4 1000 mCanoeing - SprintMen
Alberto RicchettiMen's K-4 1000 mCanoeing - SprintMen
Nicola RipamontiMen's K-4 1000 mCanoeing - SprintMen
Fabio AruRoad raceCycling - RoadMen
Damiano CarusoRoad race/Time trialCycling - RoadMen
Alessandro De MarchiRoad raceCycling - RoadMen
Vincenzo NibaliRoad race/Time trialCycling - RoadMen
Diego RosaRoad raceCycling - RoadWomen
Giorgia BronziniRoad raceCycling - RoadWomen
Elena CecchiniRoad raceCycling - RoadWomen
Tatiana GuderzoRoad raceCycling - RoadWomen
Elisa Longo BorghiniRoad race/Time trialCycling - RoadWomen
Beatrice BartelloniWomen's team pursuitCycling - TrackWomen
Simona FrapportiWomen's team pursuitCycling - TrackWomen
Francesca PattaroWomen's team pursuitCycling - TrackWomen
Silvia ValsecchiWomen's team pursuitCycling - TrackWomen
Elia VivianiMen's omniumCycling - Omnium Men
Luca BraidotMen's cross-countryCycling - Mountain bikingMen
Marco Aurelio FontanaMen's cross-countryCycling - Mountain bikingMen
Andrea TiberiWomen's cross-countryCycling - Mountain bikingWomen
Eva LechnerWomen's cross-countryCycling - Mountain bikingWomen
Michele Benedetti3 m springboardDivingMen
Andrea Chiarabini3 m springboardDivingMen
Maicol Verzotto10 m platformDivingMen
Andrea Chiarabini3 m synchronized springboardDivingMen
Giovanni Tocci3 m synchronized springboardDivingMen
Tania Cagnotto3 m springboardDivingWomen
Maria Marconi3 m springboardDivingWomen
Noemi Batki10 m platformDivingWomen
Tania Cagnotto3 m synchronized springboardDivingWomen
Francesca Dallapé3 m synchronized springboardDivingWomen
Valentina TruppaIndividualEquestrian - Dressage 
Stefano BrecciaroliIndividualEquestrian - Eventing 
Luca RomanIndividualEquestrian - Eventing 
Pietro RomanIndividualEquestrian - Eventing 
Arianna SchivoIndividualEquestrian - Eventing 
Stefano BrecciaroliTeamEquestrian - Eventing 
Luca RomanTeamEquestrian - Eventing 
Pietro RomanTeamEquestrian - Eventing 
Arianna SchivoTeamEquestrian - Eventing 
Emanuele GaudianoIndividualJumpingMen
Marco FicheraÉpéeFencingMen
Enrico GarozzoÉpéeFencingMen
Paolo PizzoÉpéeFencingMen
Marco FicheraTeam épéeFencingMen
Enrico GarozzoTeam épéeFencingMen
Paolo PizzoTeam épéeFencingMen
Andrea SantarelliTeam épéeFencingMen
Giorgio AvolaFoilFencingMen
Andrea CassaràFoilFencingMen
Daniele GarozzoFoilFencingMen
Giorgio AvolaTeam foilFencingMen
Andrea CassaràTeam foilFencingMen
Daniele GarozzoTeam foilFencingMen
Andrea BaldiniTeam foilFencingMen
Aldo MontanoSabreFencingMen
Rossella FiamingoÉpéeFencingWomen
Elisa Di FranciscaFoilFencingWomen
Arianna ErrigoFoilFencingWomen
Rossella GregorioSabreFencingWomen
Loretta GulottaSabreFencingWomen
Irene VecchiSabreFencingWomen
Rossella GregorioTeam sabreFencingWomen
Loretta GulottaTeam sabreFencingWomen
Irene VecchiTeam sabreFencingWomen
Ilaria BiancoTeam sabreFencingWomen
Nino BertasioMen'sGolfMen
Matteo ManasseroMen'sGolfMen
Giulia MolinaroWomen'sGolfWomen
Giulia SergasWomen'sGolfWomen
Ludovico Edalli Gymnastics - ArtisticMen
Erika Fasana Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Carlotta Ferlito Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Vanessa Ferrari Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Elisa Meneghini Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Martina Rizzelli Gymnastics - ArtisticWomen
Veronica BertoliniIndividualGymnastics - Rhythmic 
Martina Centofanti Gymnastics - Rhythmic 
Sofia Lodi Gymnastics - Rhythmic 
Alessia Maurelli Gymnastics - Rhythmic 
Marta Pagnini Gymnastics - Rhythmic 
Camilla Patriarca Gymnastics - Rhythmic 
Elios Manzi−60 kgJudoMen
Fabio Basile−66 kgJudoMen
Matteo Marconcini−81 kgJudoMen
Valentina Moscatt−48 kgJudoWomen
Odette Giuffrida−52 kgJudoWomen
Edwige Gwend−63 kgJudoWomen
Riccardo De LucaMen'sModern pentathlonMen
Pierpaolo PetroniMen'sModern pentathlonMen
Claudia CesariniWomen'sModern pentathlonWomen
Alice SoteroWomen'sModern pentathlonWomen
Giovanni AbagnalePairRowingMen
Vincenzo CapelliPairRowingMen
Romano BattistiDouble scullsRowingMen
Francesco FossiDouble scullsRowingMen
Marcello MianiLightweight double scullsRowingMen
Andrea MichelettiLightweight double scullsRowingMen
Marco Di CostanzoFourRowingMen
Matteo LodoFourRowingMen
Domenico MontroneFourRowingMen
Giuseppe VicinoFourRowingMen
Martino GorettiLightweight fourRowingMen
Livio La PadulaLightweight fourRowingMen
Stefano OppoLightweight fourRowingMen
Pietro RutaLightweight fourRowingMen
Luca AgamennoniEightRowingMen
Vincenzo CapelliEightRowingMen
Pierpaolo FrattiniEightRowingMen
Fabio InfimoEightRowingMen
Emanuele LiuzziEightRowingMen
Mario PaonessaEightRowingMen
Matteo StefaniniEightRowingMen
Simone VenierEightRowingMen
Enrico D'Aniello (cox)EightRowingMen
Sara BertolasiPairRowingWomen
Alessandra PatelliPairRowingWomen
Laura MilaniLightweight double scullsRowingWomen
Valentina RodiniLightweight double scullsRowingWomen
Mattia CamboniRS:XSailingMen
Francesco MarraiLaserSailingMen
Giorgio Poggi FinnSailingMen
Ruggero Tita49erSailingMen
Pietro Zucchetti49erSailingMen
Flavia TartagliniRS:XSailingWomen
Silvia ZennaroLaser RadialSailingWomen
Roberta Caputo470SailingWomen
Alice Sinno470SailingWomen
Francesca Clapcich49erFXSailingWomen
Giulia Conti49erFXSailingWomen
Vittorio BissaroNacra 17SailingMixed
Silvia SicouriNacra 17SailingMixed
Antonino BarillàDouble trapShootingMen
Niccolò Campriani10 m air rifle, 50 m rifle prone, 50 m rifle 3 positionsShootingMen
Marco De Nicolo10 m air rifle, 50 m rifle prone, 50 m rifle 3 positionsShootingMen
Massimo FabbriziTrapShootingMen
Giuseppe Giordano10 m air pistol, 50 m pistolShootingMen
Marco InnocentiDouble trapShootingMen
Luigi LoddeSkeetShootingMen
Riccardo Mazzetti25 m rapid fire pistolShootingMen
Giovanni PellieloTrapShootingMen
Gabriele RossettiSkeetShootingMen
Diana BacosiSkeetShootingWomen
Chiara CaineroSkeetShootingWomen
Jessica RossiTrapShootingWomen
Petra Zublasing10 m air rifleShootingWomen
50 m rifle 3 positions10 m air rifleShootingWomen
Marco Belotti200 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Federico Bocchia50 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Piero Codia100 m butterflySwimmingMen
Andrea Mitchell D'Arrigo200 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Gabriele Detti400 m freestyle, 1500 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Luca Dotto50 m freestyle, 100 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Luca Marin400 m individual medleySwimmingMen
Gregorio Paltrinieri1500 m freestyleSwimmingMen
Luca Pizzini200 m breaststrokeSwimmingMen
Matteo Rivolta100 m butterflySwimmingMen
Simone Ruffini10 km open waterSwimmingMen
Simone Sabbioni100 m backstrokeSwimmingMen
Andrea Toniato100 m breaststrokeSwimmingMen
Federico Turrini200 m individual medley, 400 m individual medleySwimmingMen
Federico Vanelli10 km open waterSwimmingMen
Luca Dotto4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Luca Leonardi4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Filippo Magnini4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Marco Orsi4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Michele Santucci4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Marco Belotti4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Andrea Mitchell D'Arrigo4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Gabriele Detti4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Alex Di Giorgio4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingMen
Luca Dotto4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingMen
Simone Sabbioni4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingMen
Matteo Rivolta4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingMen
Andrea Toniato4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingMen
Ilaria Bianchi100 m butterflySwimmingWomen
Rachele Bruni10 km open waterSwimmingWomen
Diletta Carli400 m freestyle, 800 m freestyleSwimmingWomen
Martina Carraro100 m breaststrokeSwimmingWomen
Arianna Castiglioni100 m breaststrokeSwimmingWomen
Silvia Di Pietro50 m freestyleSwimmingWomen
Erika Ferraioli50 m freestyle, 100 m freestyleSwimmingWomen
Sara Franceschi200 m individual medley, 400 m individual medleySwimmingWomen
Alice Mizzau200 m freestyleSwimmingWomen
Margherita Panziera200 m backstrokeSwimmingWomen
Federica Pellegrini100 m freestyle, 200 m freestyleSwimmingWomen
Stefania Pirozzi200 m butterflySwimmingWomen
Alessia Polieri200 m butterflySwimmingWomen
Luisa Trombetti200 m individual medley, 400 m individual medleySwimmingWomen
Silvia Di Pietro4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Erika Ferraioli4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Laura Letrari4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Alice Mizzau4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Federica Pellegrini4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Aglaia Pezzato4 × 100 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Diletta Carli4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Martina De Memme4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Chiara Masini Luccetti4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Alice Mizzau4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Federica Pellegrini4 × 200 m freestyle relaySwimmingWomen
Ilaria Bianchi4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingWomen
Martina Carraro4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingWomen
Federica Pellegrini4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingWomen
Carlotta Zofkova4 × 100 m medley relaySwimmingWomen
Linda CerrutiDuetSynchronized swimming 
Costanza FerroDuetSynchronized swimming 
Elisa BozzoTeamSynchronized swimming 
Beatrice CallegariTeamSynchronized swimming 
Camilla CattaneoTeamSynchronized swimming 
Linda CerrutiTeamSynchronized swimming 
Francesca DeiddaTeamSynchronized swimming 
Costanza FerroTeamSynchronized swimming 
Manila FlaminiTeamSynchronized swimming 
Mariangela PerrupatoTeamSynchronized swimming 
Sara SgarziTeamSynchronized swimming 
Thomas FabbianoSinglesTennisMen
Fabio FogniniSinglesTennisMen
Paolo LorenziSinglesTennisMen
Andreas SeppiSinglesTennisMen
Fabio FogniniDoublesTennisMen
Andreas SeppiDoublesTennisMen
Sara ErraniSinglesTennisWomen
Karin KnappSinglesTennisWomen
Roberta VinciSinglesTennisWomen
Sara ErraniDoublesTennisWomen
Roberta VinciDoublesTennisWomen
Alessandro FabianMen'sTriathlonMen
Davide UccellariMen'sTriathlonMen
Charlotte BoninWomen'sTriathlonWomen
Annamaria MazzettiWomen'sTriathlonWomen
Adrian CarambulaMen'sVolleyball - BeachMen
Alex RanghieriMen'sVolleyball - BeachMen
Daniele LupoMen'sVolleyball - BeachMen
Paolo NicolaiMen'sVolleyball - BeachMen
Marta MenegattiWomen'sVolleyball - BeachWomen
Viktoria Orsi TothWomen'sVolleyball - BeachWomen
Pasquale Sottile Volleyball - IndoorMen
Luca Vettori Volleyball - IndoorMen
Osmany Juantorena Volleyball - IndoorMen
Simone Giannelli Volleyball - IndoorMen
Salvatore Rossini Volleyball - IndoorMen
Ivan Zaytsev Volleyball - IndoorMen
Filippo Lanza Volleyball - IndoorMen
Simone Buti Volleyball - IndoorMen
Massimo Colaci (L) Volleyball - IndoorMen
Matteo Piano Volleyball - IndoorMen
Emanuele Birarelli (C) Volleyball - IndoorMen
Oleg Antonov Volleyball - IndoorMen
Serena Ortolani Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Alessia Orro Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Monica De Gennaro (L) Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Martina Guiggi Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Alessia Gennari Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Nadia Centoni Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Cristina Chirichella Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Eleonora Lo Bianco Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Antonella Del Core (C) Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Miriam Fatime Sylla Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Paola Egonu Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Anna Danesi Volleyball - IndoorWomen
Mirco ScarantinoMen's −56 kgWeightliftingMen
Giorgia BordignonWomen's −63 kgWeightliftingWomen
Frank Chamizo−65 kgWrestlingMen
Daigoro Timoncini−98 kgWrestlingMen

Italy Medals Table

Olympic GamesGoldSilverBronze
Sochi 2014 Winter Games026
London 2012 Summer Games8911
Vancouver 2010 Winter Games113
Beijing 2008 Summer Games8910
Turin 2006 Winter Games506
Athens 2004 Summer Games101111
Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games445
Sydney 2000 Summer Games13813
Nagano 1998 Winter Games262
Atlanta 1996 Summer Games131012
Lillehammer 1994 Winter Games758
Albertville 1992 Winter Games464
Barcelona 1992 Summer Games6610
Calgary 1988 Winter Games212
Seoul 1988 Summer Games655
Sarajevo 1984 Winter Games200
Los Angeles 1984 Summer Games14614
Lake Placid 1980 Winter Games020
Moscow 1980 Summer Games834
Innsbruck 1976 Winter Games121
Montreal 1976 Summer Games274
Sapporo 1972 Winter Games221
Munich 1972 Summer Games5310
Grenoble 1968 Winter Games400
Mexico 1968 Summer Games349
Innsbruck 1964 Winter Games013
Tokyo 1964 Summer Games10107
Squaw Valley 1960 Winter Games001
Rome 1960 Summer Games131013
Melbourne / Stockholm 1956 Summer Games889
Cortina d'Ampezzo 1956 Winter Games120
Helsinki 1952 Summer Games894
Oslo 1952 Winter Games101
London 1948 Summer Games8118
St. Moritz 1948 Winter Games200
Berlin 1936 Summer Games895
Los Angeles 1932 Summer Games121212
Amsterdam 1928 Summer Games757
Paris 1924 Summer Games835
Antwerp 1920 Summer Games1355
Stockholm 1912 Summer Games312
London 1908 Summer Games220
Paris 1900 Summer Games220

Last Updated On : August 08, 2016

Olympic Athletes - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

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