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Croatia Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Croatia Medal Count (Tally) 2016 Olympics

Croatia at Rio Olympics

The Croatian Olympics team will take part in the Olympics games for the seventh consecutive time as they are all set to give their best in 2016 Rio Olympics. In the 2012 Olympics in London, the country sent its largest team. The team had the unique luck of having two sets of twins among the travelling athletes— Ana and Lucinda Zaninovic - who took part in Taekwondo and Nenad and Neven Zugaj known for their prowess in wrestling. The team came out of the games with a total of 6 medals - 3 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals.

Total Medals Won

In total, Croatia has won 33 medals since they began participating in the summer and winter Olympic Games in 1992. Before this, Croatian athletes competed in the games as representatives of Yugoslavia.

Top Athletes

This year, the team is expected to grow larger as new athletes come up in various sporting events. Among the new faces expected to make debut in the Games is Matea Samardzic - a 21-year-old Jersey City swimmer. Matea had to fly back to Croatia and try out for a qualifying spot. In her first attempt Matea set new Croatian record in the 200m back stroke, which was also the 11th fastest time in the world.

Participation in Rio Olympics

In 2016 summer games, Croatia is set to take part in 13 events, including table tennis, water polo, athletics, judo, and gymnastics. They have not established their prominence in any segment. However, they are known to win more medals at the summer games as compared to the winter games.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 18
  • Athletes Participating : 88
  • Events : 58

Rank Country Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total

Croatia Olympic Athletes at 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

S.N.Athletes NamesSports
1Dario ŠarićD. ŠarićBasketball
2Mario HezonjaM. HezonjaBasketball
3Bojan BogdanovićB. BogdanovićBasketball
4Krunoslav SimonK. SimonBasketball
5Roko UkićR. UkićBasketball
6Darko PlaninićD. PlaninićBasketball
7Marko ArapovićM. ArapovićBasketball
8Miro BilanM. BilanBasketball
9Rok StipčevićR. StipčevićBasketball
10Luka BabićL. BabićBasketball
11Filip KrušlinF. KrušlinBasketball
12Željko ŠakićŽ. ŠakićBasketball
13Filip HrgovićF. HrgovićBoxing
14Hrvoje SepH. SepBoxing
15Matija KvasinaM. KvasinaCycling - Road
16Kristijan ĐurasekK. ĐurasekCycling - Road
17Marcela MarićM. MarićDiving
18Ana ĐerekA. ĐerekGymnastics
19Filip UdeF. UdeGymnastics
20Domagoj DuvnjakD. DuvnjakHandball
21Ivan ČupićI. ČupićHandball
22Manuel ŠtrlekM. ŠtrlekHandball
23Marko KopljarM. KopljarHandball
24Marko MamićM. MamićHandball
25Igor KaračićI. KaračićHandball
26Krešimir KozinaK. KozinaHandball
27Luka StepancicL. StepancicHandball
28Ivan SliškovićI. SliškovićHandball
29Ivan StevanovićI. StevanovićHandball
30Zlatko HorvatZ. HorvatHandball
31Ilija BrozovićI. BrozovićHandball
32Jakov GojunJ. GojunHandball
33Ivan PesicI. PesicHandball
34Barbara MaticB. MaticJudo
35Damir MartinD. MartinRowing
36Martin SinkovićM. SinkovićRowing
37Valent SinkovićV. SinkovićRowing
38Ivan Kljaković GašpićI. Kljaković GašpićSailing
39Tina MihelićT. MihelićSailing
40Šime FantelaŠ. FantelaSailing
41Igor MarenićI. MarenićSailing
42Tonči StipanovićT. StipanovićSailing
43Petar CupaćP. CupaćSailing
44Luka MratovićL. MratovićSailing
45Pavle KostovP. KostovSailing
46Snježana PejčićS. PejčićShooting
47Giovanni CernogorazG. CernogorazShooting
48Josip GlasnovićJ. GlasnovićShooting
49Petar GoršaP. GoršaShooting
50Valentina GustinV. GustinShooting
51Tanja PerecT. PerecShooting
52Marija MarovicM. MarovicShooting
53Mario TodorovićM. TodorovićSwimming
54Matea SamardzicM. SamardzicSwimming
55Andrej GaćinaA. GaćinaTable tennis
56Lucija ZaninovićL. ZaninovićTaekwondo
57Ana ZaninovićA. ZaninovićTaekwondo
58Filip GrgićF. GrgićTaekwondo
59Marin ČilićM. ČilićTennis
60Borna ĆorićB. ĆorićTennis
61Ana KonjuhA. KonjuhTennis
62Marin DraganjaM. DraganjaTennis
63Blanka VlašićB. VlašićTrack & field
64Sandra PerkovićS. PerkovićTrack & field
65Ana ŠimićA. ŠimićTrack & field
66Sara KolakS. KolakTrack & field
67Andrea IvančevićA. IvančevićTrack & field
68Ivan HorvatI. HorvatTrack & field
69Filip MihaljevićF. MihaljevićTrack & field
70Stipe ŽunićS. ŽunićTrack & field
71Marija VrajićM. VrajićTrack & field
72Matea MatoševićM. MatoševićTrack & field
73Maro JokovićM. JokovićWater polo
74Sandro SuknoS. SuknoWater polo
75Josip PavićJ. PavićWater polo
76Xavier GarcíaX. GarcíaWater polo
77Marko BijacM. BijacWater polo
78Andro BušljeA. BušljeWater polo
79Luka BukićL. BukićWater polo
80Luka LončarL. LončarWater polo
81Anđelo ŠetkaA. ŠetkaWater polo
82Marko MacanM. MacanWater polo
83Ivan KrapicI. KrapicWater polo
84Antonio PetkovićA. PetkovićWater polo
85Damir BurićD. BurićWater polo
86Bozo StarcevicB. StarcevicWrestling

Croatia Olympic Medals Table

Sochi 2014Winter Games0101
London 2012Summer Games3126
Vancouver 2010Winter Games0213
Beijing 2008Summer Games0235
Turin 2006Winter Games1203
Athens 2004Summer Games1225
Salt Lake City 2002Winter Games3104
Sydney 2000Summer Games1012
Atlanta 1996Summer Games1102
Barcelona 1992Summer Games0123

Last Updated On : August 09, 2016

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