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Chinese Athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics

China Medal Count (Tally) 2016 Olympics

China made its debut at the 1952 Summer Olympics held in Helsinki, Finland.

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to 21, 2016, would see a participation of 243 Chinese athletes. They would compete in 21 sporting events.

Some of the games in which the Chinese players would participate, include equestrian, gymnasts, taekwondo, volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, swimming, football (women's tournament), field hockey (women's tournament), boxing, basketball (men's tournament), and other games.

The Chinese women's hockey team has secured a place at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

361°, a Chinese sportswear company, will provide around 106,500 uniforms for the technical personnel as well as the volunteers at the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The company has been announced as an official supporter of the games.

China had sent 396 athletes to the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London, England. Of these, 171 were men and 225 were women. China came second on the table bagging a total of 88 medals - 38 gold, 28 silver, and 22 bronze.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 35
  • Athletes Participating : 400
  • Events : 208

Rank Country Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total

List of China Competitors Participating in the Rio Games

Field hockey01818
Modern pentathlon224
Synchronized swimming99
Table tennis448
Water polo01313

China Olympic Team at 2016 Rio Olympics

S.N.Athletes NamesSports
1Lin DanBadminton
2Wang YihanBadminton
3Chen LongBadminton
4Li XueruiBadminton
5Fu HaifengBadminton
6Zhao YunleiBadminton
7Ma JinBadminton
8Zhang NanBadminton
9Yu YangBadminton
10Tang YuantingBadminton
11Xu ChenBadminton
12Chai BiaoBadminton
13Hong WeiBadminton
14Luo YingBadminton
15Luo YuBadminton
16Zhou QiBasketball
17Yi JianlianBasketball
18Wang ZhelinBasketball
19Guo AilunBasketball
20Zhou PengBasketball
21Li MuhaoBasketball
22Li GenBasketball
23Zhao JiweiBasketball
24Zhai XiaochuanBasketball
25Shao TingBasketball
26Chen NanBasketball
27Ding YanyuhangBasketball
28Ren CancanBoxing
29Wu MinxiaDiving
30Qiu BoDiving
31He ZiDiving
32Chen AisenDiving
33Chen RuolinDiving
34Cao YuanDiving
35Qin KaiDiving
36Si YajieDiving
37Lin YueDiving
38Shi TingmaoDiving
39Ren XiDiving
40Alex Hua TianEquestrian
41Lei ShengFencing
42Chen HaiweiFencing
43Shen ChenFencing
44Xu AnqiFencing
45Sun YujieFencing
46Li HongxiaField hockey
47Peng YangField hockey
48Shanshan FengGolf
49Li HaotongGolf
50Wu AshunGolf
51Xi Yu LinGolf
52Shang ChunsongGymnastics
53Fan YilinGymnastics
54Wang YanGymnastics
55Zhang ChenglongGymnastics
56Tan JiaxinGymnastics
57Mao YiGymnastics
58Deng ShudiGymnastics
59Chen QianModern pentathlon
60Xu LijiaSailing
61Du LiShooting
62Yi SilingShooting
63Wei NingShooting
64Zhu QinanShooting
65Zhao LinaSoccer
66Wu HaiyanSoccer
67Wang ShanshanSoccer
68Ma XiaoxuSoccer
69Sun YangSwimming
70Ning ZetaoSwimming
71Ye ShiwenSwimming
72Chen XinyiSwimming
73Lu YingSwimming
74Li ZhuhaoSwimming
75Tang YiSwimming
76Wang ShunSwimming
77Xu JiayuSwimming
78Huang XuechenSynchronized swimming
79Ma LongTable tennis
80Zhang JikeTable tennis
81Ding NingTable tennis
82Liu ShiwenTable tennis
83Li XiaoxiaTable tennis
84Wu JingyuTaekwondo
85Zhang ShuaiTennis
86Peng ShuaiTennis
87Zheng SaisaiTennis
88Wang QiangTennis
89Xu YifanTennis
90Su BingtianTrack & field
91Zhang GuoweiTrack & field
92Zhang PeimengTrack & field
93Liu HongTrack & field
94Mo YouxueTrack & field
95Gong LijiaoTrack & field
96Xie ZhenyeTrack & field
97Dong BinTrack & field
98Chen DingTrack & field
99Liu TingtingTrack & field
100Wei YongliTrack & field
101Wang ZhenTrack & field
102Wang JiananTrack & field
103Xie WenjunTrack & field
104Dong DongTrampoline
105He WennaTrampoline
106Gao LeiTrampoline
107Hui RuoqiVolleyball
108Zhu TingVolleyball
109Wei QiuyueVolleyball
110Zhang ChangningVolleyball
111Ding XiaVolleyball
112Yuan XinyueVolleyball
113Xu YunliVolleyball
114Yang FangxuVolleyball
115Lü XiaojunWeightlifting
116Tian TaoWeightlifting
117Yang ZheWeightlifting
118Chen LijunWeightlifting
119Long QingquanWeightlifting
120Deng WeiWeightlifting

China Olympic Medals Table

Olympic GamesGoldSilverBronze
Sochi 2014 Winter Games342
London 2012 Summer Games382723
Vancouver 2010 Winter Games524
Beijing 2008 Summer Games512128
Turin 2006 Winter Games245
Athens 2004 Summer Games321714
Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games224
Sydney 2000 Summer Games281614
Nagano 1998 Winter Games062
Atlanta 1996 Summer Games162112
Lillehammer 1994 Winter Games012
Albertville 1992 Winter Games030
Barcelona 1992 Summer Games162216
Seoul 1988 Summer Games61312
Los Angeles 1984 Summer Games1589

Last Updated On : August 08, 2016

Olympic Athletes - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics