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Brazilian Athletes at the 2016 Summer Olympics

Brazil Medal Count (Tally) 2016 Olympics

The host nation of 2016 Rio Olympics is all geared up to grab highest number of Gold, Silver, and Bronze in this edition. More than 420 athletes will represent Brazil as the national team appears at the Summer Olympics for the 22nd time.

Players and sporting events to watch out for

The Brazilian athletes will be seen competing in different archery, athletics, basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, cycling, diving, fencing, equestrian, football, handball, judo, sailing, swimming, shooting and other sporting events.

FC Barcelona striker Neymar will be playing for his home country and the entire Brazil will be rooting for the star footballer. Brazil Volleyball squad also looks promising with nine out of 19 players had grabbed the gold in London Olympics.

In a very unique step, 43 athletes, who are refugees in Brazil, have been considered for the Rio Olympics. The athletes have been identified for the team of Refugee Olympic Athletes (ROA).

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 39
  • Athletes Participating : 475
  • Events : 224

Rank Country Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total

List of Brazil Competitors Participating in the Rio Games

Field hockey16016
Modern pentathlon112
Rugby sevens121224
Synchronized swimming99
Table tennis336
Water polo131326

Brazil Olympic Team - 2016 Rio Olympics

Athlete Name SportsEventGender
Marcus Vinicius D'AlmeidaArcheryIndividualMen
Bernardo OliveiraArcheryIndividualMen
Daniel XavierArcheryIndividualMen
Marcus Vinicius, D'Almeida, Bernardo Oliveira, Daniel XavierArcheryTeamMen
Ane Marcelle dos SantosArcheryIndividualWomen
Marina GobbiArcheryIndividualWomen
Sarah NikitinArcheryIndividualWomen
Ane Marcelle dos Santos, Marina Gobbi, Sarah NikitinArcheryTeamWomen
Thiago AndréTrack & road events1500 mMen
José Alessandro BagioTrack & road events20 km walkMen
Caio BonfimTrack & road events20 km walkMen
Caio BonfimTrack & road events50 km walkMen
Aldemir da Silva JuniorTrack & road events200 mMen
Altobeli da SilvaTrack & road events3000 m steeplechaseMen
Solonei da SilvaTrack & road eventsMarathonMen
Kléberson DavideTrack & road events800 mMen
João Vítor de OliveiraTrack & road events110 m hurdlesMen
Mário dos SantosTrack & road events50 km walkMen
Marílson dos SantosTrack & road eventsMarathonMen
Vitor Hugo dos SantosTrack & road events100 mMen
Vitor Hugo dos SantosTrack & road events200 mMen
Hederson EstefaniTrack & road events400 mMen
Hederson EstefaniTrack & road events400 m hurdlesMen
Lutimar PaesTrack & road events800 mMen
Paulo Roberto PaulaTrack & road eventsMarathonMen
Jonathan RiekmannTrack & road events50 km walkMen
Éder Antônio SouzaTrack & road events110 m hurdlesMen
Mahau SuguimatiTrack & road events400 m hurdlesMen
Marcio TelesTrack & road events400 m hurdlesMen
Jorge VidesTrack & road events200 mMen
Moacir ZimmermannTrack & road events20 km walkMen
Aldemir da Silva Junior, Vitor Hugo dos Santos, Bruno de Barros, Ricardo Mário de Souza, José Carlos Moreira, Jorge VidesTrack & road events4 × 100 m relayMen
Lucas Carvalho, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira, Hugo de Sousa, Peterson dos Santos, Hederson Estefani, Alexander RussoTrack & road events4 × 400 m relayMen
Higor AlvesField eventsLong jumpMen
Thiago Braz da SilvaField eventsPole vaultMen
Augusto de OliveiraField eventsPole vaultMen
Júlio César de OliveiraField eventsJavelin throwMen
Wagner DomingosField eventsHammer throwMen
Talles Frederico SilvaField eventsHigh jumpMen
Darlan RomaniField eventsShot putMen
Luiz Alberto de AraújoCombined events - DecathlonResultMen
Luiz Alberto de AraújoCombined events - DecathlonPointsMen
Geisa CoutinhoTrack & road events400 mWomen
Adriana Aparecida da SilvaTrack & road eventsMarathonWomen
Flávia de LimaTrack & road events800 mWomen
Tatiele de CarvalhoTrack & road events10,000 mWomen
Jailma de LimaTrack & road events400 mWomen
Érica de SenaTrack & road events20 km walkWomen
Juliana dos SantosTrack & road events3000 m steeplechaseWomen
Marily dos SantosTrack & road eventsMarathonWomen
Franciela KrasuckiTrack & road events100 mWomen
Ana Cláudia LemosTrack & road events100 mWomen
Cisiane LopesTrack & road events20 km walkWomen
Maíla MachadoTrack & road events100 m hurdlesWomen
Fabiana MoraesTrack & road events100 m hurdlesWomen
Vitória Cristina RosaTrack & road events200 mWomen
Graciete SantanaTrack & road eventsMarathonWomen
Rosângela SantosTrack & road events100 mWomen
Rosângela SantosTrack & road events200 mWomen
Kauiza VenâncioTrack & road events200 mWomen
Bruna Farias, Franciela Krasucki, Ana Cláudia, Lemos, Vitória Cristina Rosa, Rosângela Santos, Kauiza VenâncioTrack & road events4 × 100 m relayWomen
Geisa Coutinho, Tabata Vitorino de Carvalho, Jailma de Lima, Letícia de Souza, Cristiane dos, Santos Silva, Joelma SousaTrack & road events4 × 400 m relayWomen
Geisa ArcanjoField eventsShot putWomen
Joana CostaField eventsPole vaultWomen
Keila CostaField eventsLong jumpWomen
Keila CostaField eventsTriple jumpWomen
Andressa de MoraisField eventsDiscus throwWomen
Eliane MartinsField eventsLong jumpWomen
Fernanda MartinsField eventsDiscus throwWomen
Fabiana MurerField eventsPole vaultWomen
Núbia SoaresField eventsTriple jumpWomen
Vanessa SpínolaCombined events - HeptathlonResultWomen
Vanessa SpínolaCombined events - HeptathlonPointsWomen
Ygor Coelho de OliveiraBadmintonMen's singlesWomen
Lohaynny VicenteBadmintonWomen's singlesWomen
Patrick LourençoBoxingLight flyweightMen
Julião HenriquesBoxingFlyweightMen
Robenílson de JesusBoxingBantamweightMen
Robson ConceiçãoBoxingLightweightMen
Joedison TeixeiraBoxingWelterweightMen
Michel BorgesBoxingLight heavyweightMen
Juan NogueiraBoxingHeavyweightMen
Adriana AraújoBoxingLightweightWomen
Andreia BandeiraBoxingMiddleweightWomen
Felipe BorgesCanoeing (Slalom)Men's C-1Women
Charles Corrêa, Anderson OliveiraCanoeing (Slalom)Men's C-2Women
Pedro GonçalvesCanoeing (Slalom)Men's K-1Women
Ana SátilaCanoeing (Slalom)Women's K-1Women
Isaquias QueirozSprintC-1 200 mMen
Isaquias QueirozSprintC-1 1000 mMen
Edson SilvaSprintK-1 200 mMen
Isaquias Queiroz, Erlon SilvaSprintC-2 1000 mMen
Gilvan Ribeiro, Edson SilvaSprintK-2 200 mMen
Roberto Maehler, Celso Oliveira, Gilvan Ribeiro, Vagner SoutaSprintK-4 1000 mMen
Ana Paula VergutzSprintK-1 500 mWomen
Murilo FischerCyclingMen's road raceWomen
Kléber RamosCyclingMen's road raceWomen
Clemilda FernandesCyclingWomen's road raceWomen
Flávia OliveiraCyclingWomen's road raceWomen
Gideoni MonteiroOmniumMen's omniumWomen
Henrique AvanciniMountain bikingMen's cross-countryWomen
Rubens DonizeteMountain bikingMen's cross-countryWomen
Raiza GoulãoMountain bikingWomen's cross-countryWomen
Renato RezendeBMXMen's BMXWomen
Priscilla CarnavalBMXWomen's BMXWomen
César CastroDiving3 m springboardMen
Hugo ParisiDiving10 m platformMen
Ian Matos, Luiz OutereloDiving3 m synchronized springboardMen
Hugo Parisi, Jackson RondinelliDiving10 m synchronized platformMen
Juliana VelosoDiving3 m springboardWomen
Ingrid OliveiraDiving10 m platformWomen
Tammy Galera, Juliana VelosoDiving3 m synchronized springboardWomen
Ingrid Oliveira, Giovanna PedrosoDiving10 m synchronized platformWomen
Luiza AlmeidaEquestrianIndividualDressage Team
Pedro de AlmeidaEquestrianIndividualDressage Team
João Victor Marcari OlivaEquestrianIndividualDressage Team
Giovanna PassEquestrianIndividualDressage Team
Luiza Almeida, Pedro de Almeida, João Victor, Marcari Oliva, Giovanna PassEquestrianTeamEventing
Márcio AppelEquestrianIndividualEventing
Ruy FonsecaEquestrianIndividualEventing
Márcio JorgeEquestrianIndividualEventing
Carlos ParoEquestrianIndividualEventing
Márcio Appel, Ruy Fonseca, Márcio Jorge, Carlos ParoEquestrianTeamEventing
Stephan BarchaJumpingIndividualEventing
Álvaro de Miranda NetoJumpingIndividualEventing
Eduardo MenezesJumpingIndividualEventing
Pedro VenissJumpingIndividualEventing
Stephan Barcha, Álvaro de Miranda Neto, Eduardo Menezes, Pedro VenissJumpingTeamEventing
Nicolas FerreiraFencingÉpéeMen
Guilherme MelaragnoFencingÉpéeMen
Athos SchwantesFencingÉpéeMen
Nicolas Ferreira, Guilherme Melaragno, Athos SchwantesFencingTeam épéeMen
Henrique MarquesFencingFoilMen
Ghislain PerrierFencingFoilMen
Guilherme ToldoFencingFoilMen
Henrique Marques, Ghislain Perrier, Guilherme ToldoFencingTeam foilMen
Renzo AgrestaFencingSabreMen
Rayssa CostaFencingÉpéeWomen
Nathalie MoellhausenFencingÉpéeWomen
Amanda SimeãoFencingÉpéeWomen
Rayssa Costa, Nathalie Moellhausen, Amanda SimeãoFencingTeam épéeWomen
Bia BulcãoFencingFoilWomen
Taís RochelFencingFoilWomen
Marta BaezaFencingSabreWomen
Adilson da SilvaGolfMen's individualWomen
Victoria LoveladyGolfWomen's individualWomen
Miriam NaglGolfWomen's individualWomen
Francisco BarretoArtisticTeamMen
Diego HypólitoArtisticTeamMen
Arthur MarianoArtisticTeamMen
Sérgio SasakiArtisticTeamMen
Arthur ZanettiArtisticTeamMen
Rebeca AndradeArtisticTeamWomen
Jade BarbosaArtisticTeamWomen
Daniele HypólitoArtisticTeamWomen
Lorrane OliveiraArtisticTeamWomen
Flávia SaraivaArtisticTeamWomen
Natália GaudioRhythmicIndividualWomen
Gabrielle da Silva, Morgana Gmach, Emanuelle Lima, Jessica Maier, Francielly PereiraRhythmicTeamWomen
Rafael AndradeTrampolineMen'sMen
Felipe KitadaiJudo−60 kgMen
Charles ChibanaJudo−66 kgMen
Alex PomboJudo−73 kgMen
Victor PenalberJudo−81 kgMen
Tiago CamiloJudo−90 kgMen
Rafael BuzacariniJudo−100 kgMen
Rafael SilvaJudo+100 kgMen
Sarah MenezesJudo−48 kgWomen
Érika MirandaJudo−52 kgWomen
Rafaela SilvaJudo−57 kgWomen
Mariana SilvaJudo−63 kgWomen
Maria PortelaJudo−70 kgWomen
Mayra AguiarJudo−78 kgWomen
Maria Suellen AlthemanJudo+78 kgWomen
Felipe NascimentoModern pentathlonMen'sMen
Yane MarquesModern pentathlonWomen'sWomen
William Giaretton, Xavier VelaRowingMen's lightweight double scullsWomen
Vanessa Cozzi, Fernanda NunesRowingWomen's lightweight double scullsWomen
Ricardo SantosSailingRS:XMen
Robert ScheidtSailingLaserMen
Jorge ZarifSailingFinnMen
Bruno Bethlem
Henrique HaddadSailing470Men
Gabriel Borges, Marco GraelSailing49erMen
Patrícia FreitasSailingRS:XWomen
Fernanda DecnopSailingLaser RadialWomen
Ana Barbachan
Fernanda OliveiraSailing470Women
Martine Grael, Kahena KunzeSailing49erFXWomen
Samuel Albrecht, Isabel SwanSailingNacra 17Mixed
Júlio AlmeidaShooting10 m air pistolMen
Júlio AlmeidaShooting50 m pistolMen
Emerson DuarteShooting25 m rapid fire pistolMen
Renato PortelaShootingSkeetMen
Cassio RippelShooting 50 m rifle proneMen
Cassio RippelShooting 50 m rifle 3 positionsMen
Roberto SchmitsShootingTrapMen
Felipe Almeida WuShooting10 m air pistolMen
Felipe Almeida WuShooting50 m pistolMen
Daniela CarraroShootingSkeetWomen
Rosane EwaldShooting10 m air rifleWomen
Rosane EwaldShooting50 m rifle 3 positionsWomen
Janice TeixeiraShootingTrapWomen
Brandonn AlmeidaSwimming1500 m freestyleMen
Brandonn AlmeidaSwimming400 m individual medleyMen
Tales CerdeiraSwimming200 m breaststrokeMen
Marcelo ChierighiniSwimming100 m freestyleMen
Kaio de AlmeidaSwimming200 m butterflyMen
Leonardo de DeusSwimming200 m backstrokeMen
Leonardo de DeusSwimming200 m butterflyMen
João de LuccaSwimming200 m freestyleMen
Allan do CarmoSwimming10 km open waterMen
Ítalo DuarteSwimming50 m freestyleMen
Felipe França SilvaSwimming100 m breaststrokeMen
Bruno FratusSwimming50 m freestyleMen
João Gomes JúniorSwimming100 m breaststrokeMen
Guilherme GuidoSwimming100 m backstrokeMen
Marcos MacedoSwimming100 m butterflyMen
Henrique MartinsSwimming100 m butterflyMen
Luiz Altamir MeloSwimming400 m freestyleMen
Nicolas OliveiraSwimming100 m freestyleMen
Nicolas OliveiraSwimming200 m freestyleMen
Thiago PereiraSwimming200 m individual medleyMen
Henrique RodriguesSwimming200 m individual medleyMen
Thiago SimonSwimming200 m breaststrokeMen
Miguel ValenteSwimming1500 m freestyleMen
Marcelo Chierighini, João de Lucca, Nicolas Oliveira, Matheus Santana, Gabriel Santos*Swimming4 × 100 m freestyle relayMen
João de Lucca, Nicolas Oliveira, Luiz Altamir Melo, André PereiraSwimming4 × 200 m freestyle relayMen
Felipe França Silva, Guilherme Guido, Henrique Martins, Nicolas OliveiraSwimming4 × 100 m medley relayMen
Ana Marcela CunhaSwimming10 km open waterWomen
Daynara de PaulaSwimming100 m butterflyWomen
Daiene DiasSwimming100 m butterflyWomen
Graciele HerrmannSwimming50 m freestyleWomen
Manuella LyrioSwimming200 m freestyleWomen
Manuella LyrioSwimming400 m freestyleWomen
Etiene MedeirosSwimming50 m freestyleWomen
Etiene MedeirosSwimming100 m freestyleWomen
Etiene MedeirosSwimming100 m backstrokeWomen
Joanna MaranhãoSwimming200 m butterflyWomen
Joanna MaranhãoSwimming200 m individual medleyWomen
Joanna MaranhãoSwimming400 m individual medleyWomen
Poliana OkimotoSwimming10 km open waterWomen
Larissa OliveiraSwimming100 m freestyleWomen
Larissa OliveiraSwimming200 m freestyleWomen
Daynara de Paula, Manuella Lyrio, Etiene Medeiros, Larissa OliveiraSwimming4 × 100 m freestyle relayWomen
Jéssica Cavalheiro, Manuella Lyrio, Larissa Oliveira, Gabrielle RoncattoSwimming4 × 200 m freestyle relayWomen
Daynara de Paula, Jhennifer da Conceição, Etiene Medeiros, Larissa Oliveira, Daiene Dias*, Natalia de Luccas*Swimming4 × 100 m medley relayWomen
Luisa Borges, Maria Eduarda MicucciSynchronized swimmingDuetWomen
Luisa Borges, Maria Bruno, Maria Clara Coutinho, Beatriz Feres, Branca Feres, Maria Eduarda Micucci, Lorena Molinos, Pamela Nogueira, Lara TeixeiraSynchronized swimmingTeamWomen
Hugo CalderanoTable tennisSinglesMen
Gustavo TsuboiTable tennisSinglesMen
Hugo Calderano, Cazuo Matsumoto, Gustavo TsuboiTable tennisTeamMen
Caroline KumaharaTable tennisSinglesWomen
Lin GuiTable tennisSinglesWomen
Caroline Kumahara, Lin Gui, Bruna TakahashiTable tennisTeamWomen
Venilton TeixeiraTaekwondoMen's −58 kgWomen
Maicon AndradeTaekwondoMen's +80 kgWomen
Iris SingTaekwondoWomen's −49 kgWomen
Júlia VasconcelosTaekwondoWomen's −57 kgWomen
Thomaz BellucciTennisSinglesMen
Rogério Dutra SilvaTennisSinglesMen
Thomaz Bellucci, André SáTennisDoublesMen
Marcelo Melo, Bruno SoaresTennisDoublesMen
Teliana PereiraTennisSinglesWomen
Paula Cristina Gonçalves, Teliana PereiraTennisDoublesWomen
Diogo SclebinTriathlonMen'sMen
Pâmella OliveiraTriathlonWomen'sWomen
Alison Cerutti, Bruno Oscar SchmidtVolleyballMen'sMen
Evandro Oliveira, Pedro SolbergVolleyballMen'sMen
Talita Antunes, Larissa FrançaVolleyballWomen'sWomen
Ágatha Bednarczuk, Bárbara SeixasVolleyballWomen'sWomen
Welisson SilvaWeightliftingMen's −85 kgWomen
Mateus GregórioWeightliftingMen's −105 kgWomen
Fernando ReisWeightliftingMen's +105 kgWomen
Rosane SantosWeightliftingWomen's −53 kgWomen
Jaqueline FerreiraWeightliftingWomen's −75 kgWomen
Eduard SoghomonyanWrestling−130 kgMen
Joice Souza da SilvaWomen's freestyle−58 kgWomen
Laís NunesWomen's freestyle−63 kgWomen
Gilda OliveiraWomen's freestyle−69 kgWomen
Aline FerreiraWomen's freestyle−75 kgWomen

Last Updated On : August 08, 2016

Olympic Athletes - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

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