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Belgium Olympic Team at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Belgium Medal Count (Tally) 2016 Olympics

Belgium at 2016 Rio Olympics

Belgium is set to take part in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Since its debut in Games back in 1900, Belgium has taken part in every summer games. In 1920, the nation was the host to the summer games that were held in Antwerp.

Medals won

Since they started participating, Belgium has won five medals in the Winter Olympic Games and scooped most of their share of medals at the Summer Olympics with a total of 142 medals.

Players and events in 2016

In the summer games, Belgian athletes will take part in quite a number of events. The nation is known to win most of their medals in track and field events, a feat that they hope will help them to take their medal ranking higher in the coming Olympics.

The events the team will take part in are as follows: archery, athletics, mountain biking, cycling, canoeing, badminton, equestrian, fencing (men’s sabre), gymnastics, field hockey (men’s tournament), sailing, rowing, judo, swimming, shooting, taekwondo, tennis (men’s and women’s singles), and triathlon.

The Belgian team comes to the Rio with people having a lot of expectations, especially from the soccer team that has done so well in international competitions. Players like Raheleh Asemani, who will compete in Taekwondo, are looking to add medals from new competitions to the tally.

The 2016 Games in Numbers

  • Sports : 22
  • Athletes Participating : 107
  • Events : 83

Rank Country Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total

Belgium Olympic Athletes at 2016 Summer Olympics

Athletes NameSports
Robin RamaekersArchery
Yuhan TanBadminton
Lianne TanBadminton
Artuur PetersCanoe sprint
Elke VanhoofCycling - BMX
Jens SchuermansCycling - Mountain bike
Githa MichielsCycling - Mountain bike
Ruben ScheireCycling - Mountain bike
Greg Van AvermaetCycling - Road
Philippe GilbertCycling - Road
Tim WellensCycling - Road
Serge PauwelsCycling - Road
Laurens De PlusCycling - Road
Lotte KopeckyCycling - Road
Ann-Sophie DuyckCycling - Road
Anisha VekemansCycling - Road
Jolien D'HOORECycling - Track
Jasper de BuystJ. de BuystCycling - Track
Nicola PhilippaertsEquestrian
Karin DonckersEquestrian
Joris VanspringelEquestrian
Jorinde VerwimpEquestrian
Jérôme GueryEquestrian
Seppe Van HolsbekeFencing
Cedric CharlierField hockey
Tom BoonField hockey
Felix DenayerField hockey
Simon GougnardField hockey
Thomas BrielsField hockey
Vincent VanaschField hockey
John-John DohmenField hockey
Jerome TruyensField hockey
Florent van AubelField hockey
Arthur Van DorenField hockey
Sébastien DockierField hockey
Loick LuypaertField hockey
Elliot van StrydonckField hockey
Tanguy CosynsField hockey
Gauthier BoccardField hockey
Emmanuel StockbroekxField hockey
Nicolas ColsaertsGolf
Thomas PietersGolf
Chloé LeurquinGolf
Laura WaemGymnastics
Gaelle MysGymnastics
Dennis GoossensGymnastics
Rune HermansGymnastics
Nina DerwaelGymnastics
Senna DeriksGymnastics
Charline Van SnickJudo
Toma NikiforovJudo
Joachim BottieauJudo
Dirk Van TicheltJudo
Jasper LefevereJudo
Hannes ObrenoRowing
Evi Van AckerSailing
Wannes Van LaerSailing
Tom PelsmaekersSailing
Yannick LefebvreSailing
Maxime MottetShooting
Pieter TimmersSwimming
Fanny LecluyseSwimming
Glenn SurgelooseSwimming
Louis CroenenSwimming
Kimberly BuysSwimming
Emmanuel VanlucheneSwimming
Dieter DeKoninckSwimming
François HeersbrandtSwimming
Jasper AerentsSwimming
Basten CaertsSwimming
Raheleh AsemaniTaekwondo
Jaouad AchabTaekwondo
Si Mohamed KetbiTaekwondo
David GoffinTennis
Yanina WickmayerTennis
Kirsten FlipkensTennis
Axelle DauwensTrack & field
Thomas Van der PlaetsenTrack & field
Kevin BorléeTrack & field
Nafissatou ThiamTrack & field
Olivia BorléeTrack & field
Philip MilanovTrack & field
Dylan BorléeTrack & field
Jonathan BorléeTrack & field
Anne ZagréTrack & field
Renée EykensTrack & field
Manuela SoccolTrack & field
Louise CartonTrack & field
Julien WatrinTrack & field
Michael BultheelTrack & field
Bashir AbdiTrack & field
Els RensTrack & field
Jeroen D'HoedtTrack & field
Pieter-Jan HannesTrack & field
Veerle DejaeghereTrack & field
Koen NaertTrack & field
Willem Van SchuerbeeckTrack & field
Robin VanderbemdenTrack & field
Cynthia BolingoTrack & field
Antoine GilletTrack & field
Florent CaelenTrack & field
Claire MichelTriathlon
Katrien VerstuyftTriathlon
Marten Van RielTriathlon
Jelle GeensTriathlon
Tom GoegebuerWeightlifting

Olympic Medals Count Belgium

London 2012Summer Games0123
Beijing 2008Summer Games1102
Athens 2004Summer Games1023
Sydney 2000Summer Games0235
Nagano 1998Winter Games0011
Atlanta 1996 Summer Games2226
Barcelona 1992 Summer Games0123
Seoul 1988 Summer Games1023
Los Angeles 1984 Summer Games1124
Moscow 1980 Summer Games1001
Montreal 1976 Summer Games0336
Munich 1972 Summer Games0202
Mexico 1968 Summer Games0112
Tokyo 1964 Summer Games2013
Rome 1960 Summer Games0224
Melbourne / Stockholm 1956 Summer Games0202
Helsinki 1952 Summer Games2204
London 1948 Summer Games2237
St. Moritz 1948 Winter Games1102
Berlin 1936 Summer Games0022
Amsterdam 1928 Summer Games0123
St. Moritz 1928 Winter Games0011
Paris 1924 Summer Games37313
Chamonix 1924 Winter Games0011
Antwerp 1920 Summer Games14111035
Stockholm 1912 Summer Games2136
London 1908 Summer Games1528
Paris 1900 Summer Games55515

Last Updated On : August 08, 2016

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