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Ancient Olympics Athletes

Ancient Summer Games were a series of athletic competitions held among city-states of Olympia, Ancient Greece, from 776 BC to 393 AD. Ancient Summer Games were dedicated to Olympian Gods and only free men, who could speak Greek, were allowed to participate in the events. Participants in the ancient Summer Games had to take oath in front of the statue of Olympian God Zeus, of being under training for at least 10 months. Married women were not allowed to watch the events of ancient Summer Games, whereas unmarried women could participate only in chariot races.

There were many famous athletes in ancient Summer Games, who became immortal due to their achievements. Some of the most famous athletes in ancient Olympics were:

Acanthus of Sparta: He was the winner of two footrace events, called the Diaulos and the Dolichos, in 720 BC. According to some sources, he was also the first ever competitor to run naked.

Chionis of Sparta: He is most famous for his long jump record in ancient Olympics, which according to some records, was 7 m 5 cm in the 656 BC. He was a notable triple jumper, capable of reaching up to 15.85 m, and between 664, 660, and 656 BC, he won titles in the Diaulos and Stade events. Diaulos involved a track length of 384 m, and Stade was a race, similar to modern 100 m sprint.

Cynisca of Sparta: Daughter of King Archidamos of Sparta, Cynisca became the first woman in history to win at ancient Summer Games. Cynisca won in the four-horse chariot race in 396 BC and later in 392 BC.

Leonidas of Rhodes: He was one of the most famous and versatile athletes in ancient Olympics. He repeatedly won in all three major running events, the stadion, the diaulos, and the Hoplitodromos, in164, 160, 156and finally at 152 BC at the age of 36 years.

Astylos of Croton: He excelled in Stade and diaulos during three successive Summer Games from 488 to 480 BC. During his life time, he equaled the achievements of Chionos by winning the Stades and diaulos on different occasions, and also excellent in the Hoplite event, which involved a running in full armored suits.

Milo of Croton: Milo, born in Croton, Southern Italy, is regarded as one of the famous athletes in ancient Olympics in Greece. He won six Olympic wrestling championships, starting from 60th Olympics in 540 BC, through 62nd up to 66th Olympics. In the 67th Summer Games in 512 BC, he lost to Timasitheus in his seventh attempt for the championship.

Koroibos of Elis: He was the winner of the station race during the first recorded ancient Summer Games in 776 BC. The 180 m race was the the only competition in the first 13 Olympiads, which was recorded.

Orsippus of Megara: He is disputably the first runner who ran naked at the Summer Games and won the event.

Melankomas of Caria: Melankomas was the winner in the boxing event in 49 BC ancient Olympiads . He was the winner of many other events also. He had the reputation of fighting for two days holding his arms out without ever lowering them.