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Ancient Olympics Venue

Ancient Summer Games: The Summer Games were hosted in the ancient city of Olympia. The first Ancient Summer Games have been recorded in the history to be held in 776 BC. The Games were organized as a part of the Olympic Festival in honor of the Olympian gods. The Summer Games were held for nearly twelve centuries. The games were banned by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I in 393 A.D. as a protest against paganism.

Venue of the Ancient Summer Games: The ancient city of Olympia was a sanctuary of ancient Greece in Elis. Olympia was the venue of the Ancient Summer Games. There were many buildings in the sanctuary of Olympia. Prytaneion and the Philippeion and array of treasuries representing the various city states were situated to the north of Olympia. To the south of these treasuries, lied the Metroon with the Echo Stoa in the east. The South Stoa and the Bouleuterion were located to the south of the sanctuary. The palaistra, the workshop of Pheidias, the Gymnasion and the Leonidaion were situated to the west of Olympia. The temples of Hera and Zeus, the Pelopion and the area of the altar were enclosed within the Temenos. The hippodrome and later stadium were also to the east of the sanctuary. There was a gigantic statue of Zeus in the temple of Zeus, made in ivory and gold in Olympia. The running events were held in the stadium.