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Formula One Tracks

The term Formula One track can be easily related to the racing cars. The Formula One Tracks are specially designed to test the endurance of the drivers and also the quality of the cars produced by esteemed companies like Ferrari, Mac Lauren,

and Jaguar. The tracks are specially built following the specifications set by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile or the FIA. The races of Formula One are known as Grand Prix which are held in enclosed circuits or even sometimes in the city streets. This sport was actually started in the year 1946. Now it has grown popular that the entire world got involved in it. In 2009 India will take part in the championship.

Some of the current tracks of the Formula One are Silverstone Circuit, Monaco Grand Prix Circuit, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Bahrain International Circuit. The track length generally measures between five to six kilometers. Most of the Grand Prix circuit's length is between 200 and 320 km. The sharp bends and the steep curves are the main targets of the drivers. The cars have normal speed of 320 km per hour. The aspirated engines used in these cars are supercharged, turbocharged. The cars are specially to negotiate the sharp corners or bends.