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Cayo Santa Maria Cuba

by Vishal Kumar

Cayo Santa María is a small island off Cuba’s northern coast. It's known for its beaches and water sports.Cayo Santa María is well known for its white sand beaches and luxury all-inclusive resorts.

Cayo Santa Maria Cuba is one of the favorite destinations in CubaCayo Santa Maria Cuba is an island that has many virgin beaches which add to its beauty. This tourist destination of Cuba attracts many tourists because of its enchanting beauty.

The beautiful sand beaches of Cayo Santa Maria Cuba offer a captivating picture to the tourist. Santa Maria Cuba is located at the western end of the Archipielago de Sabana-Camaguey. Santa Maria Cuba is righteously called the small sister of Cayo Largo. Cayo Santa Maria Cuba is a property of the Cuban government and is referred to as the paradise on earth. Tourists who visit Cayo Largo look up to Santa Maria Cuba as their next voyage destination because of its beautiful white sand beaches.

The tourism industry in Cuba is geared to earn a lot of profit because of Cayo Santa Maria Cuba. This 14kms of sandy white beaches continues to attract tourists and it accounts for the growth of the Cuban tourism department. The road which leads to Cayo Santa Maria Cuba is a huge delight for tourists as it joins the mainland in three days and is known as “El Pedraplen”. This causeway is 48kms long and was constructed between 1989 and 1996.

Thus, Cayo Santa Maria Cuba with its beautiful beaches continue to allure tourist who wants to explore Cuba. Cayo Santa Maria Cuba has become a famous tourist destination of Cuba.

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