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Weather of Cuba

The Weather of Cuba is largely dependent upon Cuba's geographic location. Being a massive aggregate of sub-tropical islands, the weather conditions are never too harsh except for the occasional hurricane attacks in the monsoon season.
The geographic coordinates of Cuba are 21 30 N and 80 00W and occupies a total land area of 110,860 sq km. The Cuban islands mostly experience the Trade winds. The average temperature fluctuates between 20 Degree Celsius and 35 degree Celcius with an average of of 25 degree Celsius. At such comfortable temperature standards, the Cuban islands are no doubt a haven for beach holiday destination.

The inlands of Cuba enjoys the optimum temperature limits, but it is the coastal regions that are better in terms of temperature stability. Even the coastal water temperates of Cuba does not rise above 25 degree centigrade.

The reports on weather of Cuba show the following major hurricane attacks:

Name of Cyclone Date Area Affected Wind Speed

Cyclone of 5 days

13 th to 17 th of October,1910 Pinar del Río, La Habana and Island of Youth

183 km/hr

Hurricane of 1924

18 th to 19 th of October,1924

Pinar del Río and Island of Youth

250 km/hr

Cyclone of 1926

20 th October, 1926 Island of Youth, La Habana, Pinar del Río and Matanzas

196 km/hr

Hurricane Of Santa Cruz del Sur 1932 9 th September, 1932 Camagüey,Ciego de Ávila andLas Tunas

240 km/hr

The hurricanes mark an eerie yet exciting feature of the Weather of Cuba. Needless to say, that the aftermath of these hurricanes cost both life and property. In order to challenge further Hurricane ruins, the government had passed a Measure System for Civil Defense of the country. Though Hurricane attacks are not too frequent, they can be monstrous if they do arrive. So if you are holidaying to Cuba during the rains, make sure to check out in advance with the weather forecast station of Cuba.