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Political Map of Cuba

Cuba is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea, near the United States, the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, and several other islands. The capital and largest city of Cuba is Havana.

Political Map of Cuba USA The BAHAMAS
Description : Cuba Political map showing the international boundary, provinces boundaries with their capitals and national capital. Disclaimer

Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean, made up of the main island, a few archipelagos, and the Isla de la Juventud. Cuba's nearest neighbors include the United States,
just 150 kilometers (93 miles) to the north, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and the island of Hispaniola, which includes the countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Cuba's islands have a combined area of 109,884 square kilometers (42,426 square miles). Cuba is the largest island of the archipelago, with an area of 104,556 square kilometers (40,369 square miles). This island is also the largest island in the Caribbean. Isla de la Juventud is the next largest island, which has an area of 2,200 square kilometers (849 square miles).

Cuba is divided into fifteen provinces and one special municipality, the second largest island, the Isla de la Juventud. The provinces are further divided into municipalities. The capital and largest city of Cuba is Havana, located in the province of La Habana (Havana) on the northwest coast.

  Provinces of Cuba  
ProvinceCapitalPopulation - 2008 CensusArea(km.²)
Ciego de avilaCiego de avila422,3546,783
La HabanaHavana2,148,132721
Isla de la JuventudNueva Gerona86,1102,419
Las TunasVictoria de las Tunas534,2796,588
MayabequeSan Jose de las Lajas381,3423,768
Pinar del RioPinar del Rio593,7418,885
Sancti SpiritusSancti Spiritus465,0196,737
Santiago de CubaSantiago de Cuba1,044,8486,156
Villa ClaraSanta Clara806,1448,412


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