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Cuba Hotels

Cuba Hotels are of different categories and can be found in every part of Cuba. It is advisable to have an idea about the information, offers and reservations of various Cuba Hotels.

Categories of Cuba Hotels
City Hotels in Cuba : Some of the hotels are:
  • Hotel Hotetur Deauville: It is a 3 star hotel , with standard room and breakfast facilities.
  • Hotel Saratoga: A very grand hotel of Cuba. It blends history and culture with relaxation.
Beach Hotels in Cuba :
  • Hotel Paradisus Varadero: It offers luxury, fantastic buffets, good staff and exciting aqua sports.
  • Hotel Iberostar Varadero: It has cool swimming pool, with a special one for children.
Countryside Cuba Hotels :
  • Hotel Club Bucanero: It is a beach hotel that is situated close to the Sierra Maestra mountains.
  • Hotel Finca Ma' Dolores: It is a perfect hotel that allows one to enjoy the bliss of peasant activities.
  • Hotel Moka: It is a very good place for romantics escapes.
Family Cuba Hotels :
  • Hotel Melia Veradero: It is a 5 star hotel and has activities and sports for every member of a family.
  • Hotel Blau Costa Verde: It provides a breathtaking view of the Playa Pesquero beach and is ideal for families.
In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of a Cuban trip one should book the best Cuba Hotels and also select from its different types.

Cayo Coco Hotels Cuba
Cayo Coco Hotels are said to be paradise on earth. Cuba, the land of exotic Spanish culture blended with Mexican touch and the irresistible beaches and natural beauty, is a heaven for tourists. For its demand the Cuba Hotels are luxurious with all possible facilities of swimming pool, bar, restaurant, garden, jacuzzi, spa etc. Cuba, the best of all Caribbean islands amidst the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean harbors the Cayo Coco island. The Cayo Coco island has preserved the natural beauty at its best, with the perfect ecosystem by protecting it from the modern world.

Varadero Hotels Cuba
Varadero hotels Cuba are always filled up with tourists. Carribean's biggest resort area, varadero, opened its gate for the national tourists in the year 1872. Varadero was declared as an international tourist spot in the year 1930.
The reasons that make Varadero one of the leading tourist spot in the Caribbean island. Attractive Reasons to Visit Varadero:
  • Carribean's white sand
  • The beach resorts are surrounded by the blue water, which is so crystal clear that even the water mammals can be viewed while taking a ride on waterboat.
  • The unseen and unbeleivable beauty of Carribean island.
There are many more things to explore and to do in varadero . Varadero is known for its beauty as well as the beautiful resorts. The Varadero hotels Cuba are famous for their simplicity and innocence. There are many famous hotels in varadero . Some of the famous and top listed varadero hotels Cuba are:
  • Melia Varadero: Situated in one of the prettiest Varadero beach, the Melia Varadero hotel, is known for its noticeable Cuban style.The hotel is there since the later part of the year 1991.
  • Carretera de Las Morlas, Varadero: This hotel has a very cozy and comfortable ambiance. Tourists may feel at the top of their holiday mood, once they check into this hotel.
  • Tryp Peninsula Varadero: Situated in Varadero, the hotel is outstanding in its services and also owns the most beautiful beach of the place. This is the prime reason of attraction towards this hotel.
There are many other varadero hotels Cuba, where the tourists can check-inn. All the hotels serve with the best services.

Villa Cuba
Villa Cuba is an all inclusive hotel, near to varadero, Cuba. The hotel villa Cuba has been giving such remarkable performances that the tourists come-back all over again. A hotel that includes the entertainment programs for all the ages. From a kid to an elderly person, everyone can entertain themselves.
The features of Villa Cuba are:
  • An attractive feature of villa Cuba is the availibility of watersports. Maximum number of tourists love this feature.
  • The hotel covers such a big area that its one of the feature includes golf course availibility. The interested ones and specially the elder ones always enjoy this feature.
  • Tennis Court availability
  • Nightlife includes disco, and also beach parties.
There are many other features of Villa Cuba that makes a remarkable place in the heart of the tourists.

There are Exciting Offers at Villa Cuba. The management offers the tourists with many types of offers. There are off-season offers, honeymoon offers, offers to families and many more offers that might attract the tourists are provided by villa Cuba.

In spite of offering all these exciting offers, the budget of villa Cuba is not as much as the five star hotels in Cuba. The budget is quite affordable. Therefore the stay in villa Cuba is fun filled as well as cheaper than other luxurious hotels.

Casas Particulares Cuba
Casa Particulares are popularly known as 'Casa Particular ' in Cuba. This term is used in Cuba to explain a private house or any private accommodation where the tourists or vacationers can stay for few days. Casa Particulares are actually provided by the people residing there. These people use a part of their own house as guest house and provide the accommodation to the tourist groups. Casa Particulares have limited vacancies.Casas Particulaers actually means the Cuban style for explaining bed and breakfast accommodation.

The tourists need not worry for the budget ofcasas particulaers . They are available in all prices ranges. The cost of staying in a casa particular in Cuba will vary with the size and the facilities. If the vacationer wants to stay in a well furnished and prime located casa particular then it will cost more, compared to the simple, cozy houses located at a distance from the city center.. The budget of casas particulaers might vary from the other but they are always comfortable.

There are many benefits of staying in casas particulaers. The outsiders can learn many things regarding the culture, normal standard of living, authentic Cuban cuisines and obviously the traditional hospitality. The only way to explore all these things is to stay with the dwellers of the place.

Privacy is preferred by some travelers even when they are on a trip. Casas particulaers provide this to the tourists.

So, staying in casas particulaers will make the tourists learn about Cuba and make the journey extremely enjoyable.

Palma Real Cuba
Palma real Cuba, a grand hotel that is centrally located in the city of varadero. The location is the reason for which tourists can reach the destination easily, from anywhere. The beaches and all the touring destinations can be reached comfortably from palma real Cuba . This is the reason that it is one of the most modern styled hotel in varadero.

The design and architecture of palma real Cubafollows the ethnic Cuban style. It is not based on the Spanish architecture, as most of the other luxurious hotels of Cuba. The taste of authentic Cuban culture can be experienced by the tourists, once they have a view of the architecture of palma real Cuba.

The facilities available in palma real Cuba are very updated. These are:
  • The rooms are spacious and satellite televisions are available along with the telephone services in each of them.
  • Room service, laundry service, and other services are also available.
  • Car rental, Bar, Restaurant, Money exchange, Beauty salon, and many other services are provided in palma real Cuba.
The main attraction in palma real Cuba is the night life out there in the disco and the traditional programs arranged by the management of the hotel. Continuous play of all jazz and rock music anyway makes the mood and the traditional performances satisfies the traditional search all the more.

The palma real Cuba also serves with shopping plaza, tennis court, sauna and entertain the visitors. It is an ultimate resort to the fun loving tourists.

Luxury Hotels in Cuba
Check out the list of all Four and Five star ratedluxury hotels in Cuba . The inquiries regarding the most comfortable hotels in Cuba , for those who want to make their stay relaxing while they are on an adventurous trip to such an exotic tourist spot-Cuba . The standard class of visitors always check-into the sophisticated type of hotels, which are named under the list of the luxury hotels.

The list of luxury hotels in Cuba can make an idea of wonderful vacation all the more wonderful. The names of the hotels in cuba are are given below as per they are rated:
  • Conrad Hotels
  • Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
  • InterContinental Hotels and Resorts
  • Morgans Hotel Group
  • W Hotels
  • RIU Hotels and Resorts
  • Jumeirah
The above mentioned hotels are the top ones among the luxury hotels in Cuba . The facilities that are available in these hotels can be rated as the quality services. The facilities in the hotels are:
  • Some of the best groups including the Hilton Group of Hotels have their branch in Cuba. The hotels here provide the tourists, with fantastic services. The brand name can be taken as the representative of the standard of service they provide.
  • The suites available in these hotels soothes the demands of the elite class vacationers, who always have a nose for standards.
  • Wonderfully decorated and furnished rooms and decors make the visitors feel heavenly.
  • The attractive locations and make-over of these hotels captivates the minds of the tourists.
A stay in the luxury hotels in Cuba really contributes to the unforgettable experience of the exotic trip to Cuba.

Cheap Hotels in Cuba
Travelers can always check for the Cheap Hotels in Cuba . Cuba trip and staying does not mean that it will show a poor balance left in your pocket. There are number of Cheap Hotels in Cuba. Travelers can check out the hotels according to their budget. There are many ways to explore Cuba . The island provides the travelers with so many things to do like:
  • Visit the towns and cities of Cuba that features the Spanish architecture and designs.
  • The grand and royal plazas and palaces, which will surely give the visitor a royal feeling. Apart from all these things, there are many things to do and explore Cuba.
Visiting Cuba is a sumptuous experience but then toexplore Cuba comfortably and fully, an easy and cozy stay is necessary. The price of the hotel should also match the budget of the traveler.

There are many famous but Cheap hotels in Cuba . Those are:
  • Arroyo De La Costa
  • Camaquey
  • Holquin
  • Santa Clara
  • Santa Lucia.
There are many more cheap hotels in Cuba that can make the stay of the visitors cozy and also within their reach.

A common question might arise in the mind of the vacationers regarding the facilities in the cheap hotels of Cuba. The satisfying news is that the facilities in the cheap hotels of Cuba are worth praising.

Self Catering Hotels Cuba
Self Catering Hotels are quite in fashion in Cuba. The concept of Self Catering Hotels in Cuba is a recent concept which has caught the interest of the tourists, because of its low prices. As the concept is new, so are the hotels. These Hotels in Cuba are cradled in the same manner like the other hotels. Cuba Hotels are mostly occupied by the International tourists specially from Canada and America. The Canadians and Americans are extremely fond of Cuba, because of its culture and tradition. The perfect blend of the Mexican and Caribbean customs is what the tourists enjoy the most.

The main difference between Self Catering Hotels Cuba , and other Hotels in Cuba is that, in the Self Catering Hotels , there is no restaurant and the guests need to take care of their food themselves. Self Catering Hotels in Cuba are mainly for those who have a low budget for their vacation. The hospitality and the service of the Hotels is what attracts the tourists from far and distant places.

Few Self Catering Hotels in Cuba are
  • Aparthotel Gaviota Montehabana
  • Aparthotel Islazul Las Terrazas
  • Aparthotel Islazul Varazul
  • Aparthotel Islazul Atlantico
These Hotels in Cuba have an exceptional value for money. Apart from the very low price, there is no other difference in quality or service provided by the Self Catering Hotels in Cuba with the otherHotels in Cuba. The Self Catering Hotels of Cuba are also accompanied with the outdoor activities to entertain the guests. The beaches being nearby and the modern benefits are added advantages of these Hotels in Cuba.