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Havana Cuba

Havana cannot be compared to any other place in the world for its sheer beauty and vitality. The glorious Spanish architectures from the colonial settlements of the Old Town and other splendid wonders of Havana , make it a favorite destination.

Places in Havana :

The beautiful places which one can visit in Havana are:

  • Capitolio Nacional : This building resembles the Capitol Building of US and is covered with marbles. The details are richer and it stands out as a one of the architectural wonders of Havana . One should definitely visit this place.
  • Museo de la Revolucion : The interiors of this monument has been decorated by Tiffany's from New York. The museum exhibits
    complete accounts, with documents and photographs of the Cuban revolution.

Visiting Havana :

  • Any time is good for visiting Havana .
  • It can be said that the peak session when tourists visit Havana is winter which runs from December to April.
  • During this time people from Europe and Canada come in huge crowds.
  • 26 July, Easter and Christmas are times when the people of Havana and Cuba rejoice.

Havana is the capital city of Cuba and has a lot of historic significance is attached to it. Havana is one of the very attractive cities in the world.