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Culture of Cuba

The Culture of Cuba enjoys an international reputation as being one of the richest cultures in the world. The Culture of Cuba has passed through four
historically important generations that accounts for all the richness, diversity, and significance of Cuban Culture.

Cultural Diversity

The Culture of Cuba is influenced by diverse and often complementary factors that accounts for the cultural diversity of Cuba. One of the important factors that have greatly affected the Cuban culture is the Cuban Revolution that occurred in 1959. One more important thing that should be remembered about the Culture of Cuba is that it is also affected by other important cultures of the world such as the European Culture, African Culture and the North American Culture. All these significant factors accounts for the cultural diversity that one comes across in musical land of Cuba.

Important Aspects of Culture of Cuba

Cuban culture enjoys a rich heritage in the field of art, music and literature. In fact it is believed that the Cubans are born artists. Music in Cuba is influenced by the musical styles of Spain, France, United States and America. Dancing is the main source of entertainment for the Cubans. In fact many important dancing forms such as Salsa had their roots in Cuba. Religion holds an important place in the life of Cuban with the main religions being Catholic and Santeria. Cuba also boasts about a really rich literature that has given rise to many important writers and poets.

Thus the Culture of Cuba enlightens the tourists about the social heritage of the country.