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Land and People of Chad

Chad-land and people refers to the geographical details of Chad as well as the details regarding the population of the country. Not only has that, the land and people of Chad also comprise of
Chad's cultural history and the different kinds of ethnic groups dwelling in the country of Chad. Chad is one of the African countries and its bordering regions are Nigeria, Sudan and Libya. Chad falls under the savanna region and has an equatorial kind of a climate. The country of Chad is well-known for the river Chad that flows across this country. Chad is an agricultural kind of a country, which is rich in mineral resources.

Chad History
Chad has a rich history to boast about. Certain tribal sections from the northern regions of Africa migrated to the country of Chad in the early 7th century. From then on immigrants from other neighboring countries started settling down in the land of Chad . In the 13th century innumerable number of ethnic African groups shifted to the country of Chad seeking for better living conditions. The emperors and kings of Chad during that time were highly influenced by the religion of Islam and got themselves converted. Thus a huge Muslim population is found in the region of Chad in the recent times. Certain well-known empires set up in the 16th, 17th and 18th century is namely the Bagirmi, Wadai and Bornu.

People of Chad
Chad is home to various kinds of African tribes primarily the nomadic groups. Chad has a large concentration of Christians, Muslims and French. Muslim nomadic crowds primarily consist of Fulbe, Toubou, Tuareg and Hadjerai origins. Most of the Chad population take to farming and cultivation and lead complacently happy lives. The traditional clans of Chad are Massa, Sara, Moundag, Ngambaye. Chad -land and people make the most of the country's heritage and cultural diversity.

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