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Fada Map

Fada small city is located in the country of Chad in the African continent. It is located at a geographical position of Latitude 17.1847 and Longitude 21.5903. It lies in the borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti prefecture of Chad, at an elevation of 1896 feet.
The towns and cities that are in close proximity are Ourini, Oum-Chalouba, Berdoba, Wahat an Nukhaylah, Madadi, Faya-Largeau, Oygo, Talha and Deni. Tourists can also visit these beautiful cities from Fada.

History of Fada
In 1986, Chad was under the control of Libya. After the intervention of the French, there was an open rebel in the country. President Habre called the Chadian National Armed Forces to get prepared for the action. The powerful battle was fought between Libya and Chad in Fada in the year 1987. The Libyan soldiers were killed by the national forces (FANT). The Libyan air force kept on trying to destroy Fada but was finally defeated.

Transportation at Fada
Fada Airport has a code FTTF. It has a paved runway with an elevation of 3600feet above mean sea level. At present there is only one aircraft provided at the Fada Airport.

Fada Archei Faunal Reserve is a center of attraction for the tourists.