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Top Ten English Speaking Countries

The map of top 10 Countries with most English Speaking people in the world. Top countries include the USA, UK, India, Philippines etc.

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Description : Map showing the top ten countries with most English Speaking people in the world. Disclaimer

English is considered the most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese and Spanish. English speakers are found across seven continents. This colourful thematic map shows the location of top 10 English-speaking countries in the world. Different color gradients have been used with the darkest shade representing highest number of speakers and the lightest shade representing lowest.

According to the latest study on Top 10 countries with most English speakers, USA ranks on top with close to 96% of its population speaking in English. Although only about 11% of population in India speak English, yet it has got the second rank by virtue of its huge population share.

The Philippines is the only other Asian country to have found a place in the list. It is closely followed by Nigeria, the only African country to feature in top 10. Four European nations - the UK, Germany, France and Italy - are in fifth, sixth, eighth, and tenth positions.

Australia, with more than 17 million English speakers, ranks ninth. After the US, Canada is the other North American nation that features in the list with more than 25 million English speakers.

  Top Ten English Speaking Countries in World  
RankCountry % English SpeakersTotal English Speakers
1United States95.81%251,388,301
5United Kingdom97.74%59,600,000

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Last Updated Date: June 13, 2016

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