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South Carolina Map (SC)

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Where is South Carolina ?

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The SC Map provides comprehensive information on the exact geographical location and heterogeneous topography of the sate. South Carolina is located in the southeastern part of the USA (United States of America). South Carolina encompasses total area of 80,583 square kilometer.

South Carolina is politically sub divided into 46 Counties for administrative convenience. Each County is efficiently administered by a County Seat. South Carolina is easily accessible by good roadways and well laid railway tracks. The state and national highways connect the major cities of South Carolina. The Interstate 77, Interstate 95 and Interstate 85 connect the northern end of the state with the southern part of South Carolina.

The eastern and western parts of the state are connected by the Interstate 26 and Interstate 20. South Carolina primarily falls under the watershed area of the Atlantic Ocean. Black, Edisto, Savannah, Waccamaw, Santee and Salkahatchie are the major rivers of the State of South Carolina. The state has several private and public golf courses. Columbia, Greenville, Aiken, Bluffton, Pawleys Island and Hilton Head Island are some of the prominent golfing destinations of South Carolina. Congaree National Park, Fort Moultrie National Monument and Ninety Six National Historic Site are few of the notable national parks of South Carolina.

The official flag of South Carolina was adopted on 28th January 1861. The flag has an azure background which has a white color Palmetto tree and a white Crescent.
Joined the UnionMay 23, 1788
NicknameThe Palmetto State
Largest CityColumbia
Area32,020 sq mi
Highest pointSassafras Mountain
Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean
Time ZoneUTC -5/-4