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World Bauxite Producing Countries

World Bauxite Producing Countries Map
Description : The map showing major Bauxite Producing Countries in World. Disclaimer

Major Bauxite Producers of the World-2010
CountryProduction in Thousand Metric Tonnes
Other countries4,440
* SOURCE: USGS:Mineral Commodity Summary 2011

Bauxite is a mixture, a rock, consisting of iron and aluminum hydroxides/oxides. It is the primary ore of aluminum and is formed in weathered volcanic rocks. The extraction of aluminum from bauxite is very expensive.
However, the best part of bauxite is that it can be recycled and used all over again.

Bauxite is used in cement, chemicals, soda cans, dishwashers, and in the formation of other aluminum products. The best part of bauxite is that it can be recycled and used all over again.

The World Map of Bauxite Producing nations shows a list of the major countries that produce vast quantities of bauxite. As the data in the map shows, Australia is the world's largest bauxite producer; in 2010 it produced 70,000 metric tonnes of bauxite.

The second place is occupied by China followed by Brazil, India, Guinea, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Russia, Suriname, Venezuela, Greece, Guyana, and Vietnam.

Africa produces over sixteen percent of the world's bauxite; it is one of the key minerals produced by the African mining industry. Guinea is the leading African country in the production of bauxite. Other major African producers of bauxite are Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Last updated on December 20, 2012

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