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World Natural Gas Producing Countries

World Natural Gas Producing Countries Map
Description : The map showing major Natural Gas Producing Countries in World.Map showing natural gas production countries in the World. Disclaimer

  Major Natural Gas Producers in the World  
RankCountryNatural Gas Production (CU M)Year
1United States611,000,000,0002010 est.
2Russia588,900,000,0002010 est.
3Canada152,300,000,0002010 est.
4Iran138,500,000,0002010 est.
5Qatar116,700,000,0002010 est.
6Norway106,300,000,0002010 est.
7China102,500,000,0002011 est.
8Netherlands85,170,000,0002010 est.
9Algeria85,140,000,0002010 est.
10Saudi Arabia83,940,000,0002010 est.
11Indonesia82,800,000,0002010 est.
12Malaysia66,500,000,0002010 est.
13Egypt62,690,000,0002009 est.
14Uzbekistan59,100,000,0002010 est.
15Mexico59,070,000,0002010 est.
16United Kingdom56,300,000,0002010 est.
17India52,800,000,0002010 est.
18United Arab Emirates48,840,000,0002009 est.
19Australia45,110,000,0002010 est.
20Pakistan42,900,000,0002011 est.
21Turkmenistan42,400,000,0002010 est.
22Trinidad and Tobago42,380,000,0002010 est.
23Argentina40,100,000,0002010 est.
24Peru31,120,000,0002011 est.
25Thailand30,880,000,0002009 est.

(Note: CU M= Cubic Meters)

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