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World Diamond Producing Countries

World Diamond Producing Countries Map
Description : The map showing major Diamond Producing Countries in World. Disclaimer

Diamond is one of the most precious minerals occurring naturally. Composed of a single element, diamond is a colorless, substance but can have tinges of yellow, brown or gray shades. It is the hardest natural substance on the earth and also the most durable.
Diamonds were formed millions of years ago, approximately 100 miles below the earth's surface; this gemstone was brought to the earth's surface through volcanic activity.

Owing to its hardness and thermal conductivity, diamond is very useful in cutting and polishing tools. It is extremely lustrous because it has a relatively high optical dispersion. All these properties combined with efficient marketing, make diamond the most popular gemstone.

The World Map of Diamond Producing Countries shows the list of the countries producing the maximum quantities of diamonds. As shown in the map, Russia is the largest producer of diamonds in the world.

The second place is occupied by Congo followed by Botswana, South Africa, and China.

The major Diamond Mining Companies include De Beers, Rio Tinto, Alrosa, Harry Winston Diamond, BHP Billiton, Petra Diamonds, and Gem Diamonds. The largest rough diamond in the world is the Cullinan diamond; it was discovered in 1905.


Last updated On : December 20, 2012

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