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Switzerland Flag (Swiss Flag)

The Switzerland Flag is one of the national symbols of Switzerland- a federal republic situated in central Europe.
Switzerland Flag

Flag of Switzerland

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The Switzerland national flag was officially adopted on December 12, 1889. The flag of Switzerland is based on the flag of the Canton of Schwyz, which is one of the first three cantons of the country.
The Switzerland flag picture reflects a common flag style from medieval times, as it comprises of a red square with a bold, equal, white cross in the center that does not expand to the edges of the flag.

Switzerland national flag and the Vatican City flag are the only perfect square flags. The Switzerland national flag represents freedom, honor, and fidelity.

Official Name: Schweizerische Editgenossenchaft

Capital: Bern

Location: Landlocked central European nation bordered by German.

Area: 41, 290 Sq. km.

Official Languages: German, French, And Italian.

National Flag: Red with a white couped cross.

National Anthem: Schweizer psalm (German ) antique Suisse (French) Salmo Svizzero(Italian) Psalm Vizier, Romansch The Swiss Anthem (1961)

Fact about Switzerland flag

Designed byNA
Adopted1. December 1889
Design and ColorsA red square with a white Greek cross in the centre
Size Ratio1:1

Last Updated on : February 12, 2016

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