Geography of Massachusetts

Located in the northeastern United States, Massachusetts is the seventh-smallest state in the United States.
Massachusetts is a state located in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America. It is bordered by New Hampshire and Vermont on the north; by Connecticut and Rhode Island on the south; Atlantic Ocean on the east and to the west of the state lies New York. Worcester County is the geographic center.

The state can be divided into six land areas:

  • Coastal Lowland : The region starting in the east at the Atlantic Ocean is known as the Coastal Lowland. It also includes Elizabeth Islands, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket Islands. The area comprises rounded hills, swamps, small lakes and ponds, and short, shallow streams and rivers.

  • Eastern New England Upland : The area lying to the west of the state is called the Eastern New England Upland area of Massachusetts. It extends from Maine to New Jersey.

  • Connecticut Valley Lowland : This region extends from northern Massachusetts to southern Connecticut. It is a long, narrow land about twenty miles wide. The Connecticut River runs through this area making the soil fertile for farming.

  • Western New England Upland : The region is an extension of the Green Mountains of Vermont. It runs from Vermont through Massachusetts down into Connecticut. The highest point in the state, Mount Greylock and the Berkshire Hills lie in this region.

  • Berkshire Valley : Lying to the west of the Western New England Upland and the Berkshire Hills is the Berkshire Valley. It is a narrow valley covered with green meadowlands.

  • Taconic Mountains : These lie on the extreme western border of Massachusetts. The mountains are a narrow band of hills stretching from northwestern Massachusetts to the south.

Geographical Facts About Massachusetts

Area10,555 square miles
Land Area7,838 square miles
Water Area2,717 square miles
Mean Elevation150 meters
Highest PointMount Greylock (1,064 meters)
Lowest PointAtlantic Ocean
Geographic CenterWorcester County

Climate of Massachusetts
Massachusetts has significant climatic differences between its eastern and western sections. Generally the state has cold winters and moderately warm summers. The highest temperature recorded in Massachusetts is 107° F; recorded on August 2, 1975 at Chester and New Bedford. The lowest temperature recorded in Massachusetts, -35°F, on January 12, 1981 at Chester.

There are mountain peaks in Massachusetts. Mount Greylock is the highest point in the state (1,164 m).

The major mountain peaks are :
  • Saddle Back Mountain
  • Mount Everett
  • Bakke Mountain
  • Tekoa Mountain
  • Mount Frissell
  • Monument Mountain
  • Mount Watatic
  • Mount Williams

There are numerous water-bodies in the state of Massachusetts. All the rivers in the state flow to the Atlantic Ocean.

The major rivers are:
  • Charles River
  • Hoosic River
  • Connecticut River
  • Merrimack River
  • Housatonic River
  • Blackwater River
  • Nashua River
  • Annisquam River
  • Rowley River

The major lakes in Massachusetts are:
  • Lake Attitash
  • Lake Boon
  • Lake Cochichewick
  • Lake Buel
  • Lake Chaubunagungamaug
  • Quabbin Reservoir
  • Lake Onota
  • Lake Sabbatia

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