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Trujillo Map

Trujillo Peru is a major city in the north western part of this country. This city is important in the map of cities in Peru due to various reasons. Trujillo Peru is a major commercial center in the northern part of this South American country. This is also the capital city of the La Libertad region and stands in the third position in this country regarding its population. Trujillo city is located in a very good position also which has also helped in making it a major city in the northern Peru.

Trujillo is a major commercial center in the norther part of Peru. A number of industries are to be found here that have important contribution in making this city an important economic center. Agriculture is the major industry here. Sugarcane and rice are the two major agricultural products here. Textile and leather good industries are two other major industries here. Trujillo is one of the cities in Peru that have a number of tourist attractions also. Moreover, the climate is another point of interest in this city.

Trujillo is a Peruvian city that is named 'La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera' or the city of eternal spring. This name indicates towards the enjoyable and comfortable weather that this city can be proud of. The climate of Trujillo itself is a kind of attraction in this city. An International Spring festival is arranged each year to celebrate this eternal spring here. But Trujillo has a number of other travel destinations as well. Many colonial buildings still exists here along with the ruins of the ancient civilization of Chimu and Moche.

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