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Peru Education

According to Peru Education policy, education in Peru is compulsory for children from the age of 7 years to 16 years. Secondary education in the government institutions in Peru is free of cost.

Free secondary education was introduced in 1946. According to an estimate in 2000 the adult literacy rate was 10.1% in Peru.

The education policy of Peru aims at the spread of indigenous culture and language. Primary education is imparted in native languages of Peru. Students learn Spanish and other foreign languages in the secondary schools. The Ministry of Education of Peru which is based in Lima looks after the education curricula. It decides on the content of the text books of the schools. Teachers are given great respect in Peru. A profession in teaching is looked at with much respect. College professors are more esteemed in Peru. Higher education is given much importance and people pursuing a post-graduate degree get better job opportunities in Peru.

In order to spread education in the remote areas like Sierra or Selva many long-term projects have been initiated. The Ministry of Education was empowered in 1972 so that it had control over the appointments of teachers in the public schools and also in the private sector.