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Tacna, Peru, is one of the southernmost cities of Peru, located near to the border of Peru with Chile. It is a city which is commercially active, and is the capital of the Tacna region. It is located in the vicinity of the Atacama desert. It is located 35 kilometers north to the border with Chile, and well connected with the rest of Peru.

Tacna is believed to have had habitation since the ancient times. Recent scientific studies have shown that it was populated during the Stone Age. Spanish conquerors came to Tacna in the middle of the 16th century. By and by, a small village was set up, and the locality grew.

In the 17th and the 18th century, Tacna was troubled by devastating earthquakes. These were severely destructive and caused a lot of damage in Tacna, reducing buildings to rubble and ending many lives. But after the earthquake, previous settlers decided not to leave Tacna and rebuilt their dwellings.

Tacna played a great role in the independence of Peru. The city is well known for its values of bravery, honor and heroism. It was under Chilean occupation for a long time, and citizens of Tacna are respected for their valor and patriotism.

Tacna is now an important trade and commerce town, well connected with the rest of Peru. It is connected with the Pan American Highway, which facilitates easy transportation to and from Tacna. The economy of Tacna has its sources mainly in mercantile activities with the northern part of Chile. Tacna is part of a duty free zone in South America , and markets are plenty. Tacna has one of the best artifact markets in the world.

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