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Ica Map

Ica Peru on the southern coast of the country was established in 1563. Among the cities in Peru, Ica, is an old and bustling one with a number of tourist attractions. The city of Ica in Peru is however most famous for its wine and pisco brandy. The place is also in close proximity to other interesting sites.

Ica Peru offers a comprehensive view of the varied cultural influences that form an important part of the Peruvian culture. The Wari, Nazca, Chincha, Paracus and Ica cultures have contributed to the making up of the whole cultural scenario. The best place to witness this confluence of cultures is the Regional Museum in Ica Peru. The Regional Museum has an impressive collection of artifacts belonging to the different eras of history including ceramics, textiles, mummies and trophy skulls.

The breweries and vineyards of Ica in Peru are among the famous tourist spots. Wine making and pisco distillation is one of the major industries in Ica Peru. The wineries or bodegas are open for a tour around. Both large and small bodegas are found in Ica in Peru. The places generally have a shop that sells the liquor made in that place.

The religious nature of Ica Peru can be experienced from a visit to the churches. The most famous of these are San Francisco and El Senor De Loren with a structure like a sand castle. Ica Peru also serves as the base to explore the oasis of Huacachina. The beautiful lake fringed with palm trees and surrounded by sand dunes in the oasis of Huacachina attract a large number of tourists to the place.

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