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Panama North America Map

by Vishal Kumar

Panama North America Map illustrates the surrounding countries of Costa Rica and Columbia, 9 provinces boundaries with their capitals and the national capital Panama City.

Political Map of Panama


Panama’s Political Map features the important cities, states, and state capitals of Panama. It is a Central American country that is situated between Costa Rica and Colombia. The capital city of Panama is also Panama. Some of the cities of Panama are El Cope, Almirante, Salud, Canita and Bajo Boquete.

Geography and capital city of Panama

Panama situated on the geographical coordinates of 9° North and 80° West latitude and longitude, is located in Central America. It lies between Costa Rica and Colombia. It borders the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This country covers an area of about 78,200 sq km. The highest point is Volcan Baru and the coastline of Panama measures 2,490 km.

Panama’s Political Map shows in detail the states, state capitals, and other important cities of Panama. The capital city of Panama is also by the same name. It is located on the geographical coordinates of 8° 58′ North and 79° 32′ West latitude and longitude respectively. It is identifiable on the Political Map of Panama by a red square box.

Panama States

The states of Panama have been marked with separate colors on the Panama Map to easily locate them. Their capital cities are shown by a symbol of the white square box. The states of Panama together with their capitals are given below:

  • Bocas Del Toro: Bocas Del Toro
  • Chiriqui: David
  • Veraguas: Santiago
  • Herrerra: Chitre
  • Los Santos: Las Tablas
  • Cocle: Penonome
  • Colon: Colon
  • Panama: Panama
  • San Blas: El Porvenir
  • Darien: La Palma

Panama Cities

Some of the cities of Panama are as follows:

  • Yaviza
  • Canita
  • Chepo
  • La Chorrera
  • El Valle
  • Portobelo
  • Salud
  • El Cope
  • Aguadulce
  • Los Asientos
  • Santa Fe
  • Tole
  • Soloy
  • Pedregal
  • San Andres
  • Bajo Boquete
  • Cerro Punta
  • Elena
  • Almirante

These cities are marked with black dots on the Panama Political Map.

The Golfo de Los Mosquitos located on the northern side and the Bay of Panama and Gulf of Panama located on the southern side are also clearly shown on the Printable Map of Panama. The water bodies surrounding Panama are depicted on the map in blue color.


Division Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Capital
Bocas del Toro 89,269 4,601 1,777 Bocas del Toro
Chiriqui 368,790 6,477 2,501 David
Cocle 202,461 4,927 1,902 Penonome
Colon 204,208 4,891 1,888 Colon
Darien 40,284 11,091 4,282 La Palma
Embera 8,246 4,398 1,698 Cirilo Guainora
Herrera 102,465 2,341 904 Chitre
Kuna de Madungandi 3,305 2,319 895
Kuna de Wargandi 775 299
Kuna Yala 32,446 2,393 924 Nargana
Los Santos 83,495 3,805 1,469 Las Tablas
Ngabe Bugle 110,080 6,673 2,577 Chichica
Panama 1,385,052 9,633 3,719 Panama
Veraguas 209,076 10,677 4,122 Santiago (de Veraguas)
14 divisions 2,839,177 75,001 28,957


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