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Weather of Panama

Panama weather is marked with humidity and warmth. Panama weather is characterized by a uniform tropical kind of climate and is warm throughout the year. The Panama climate is to a large extent dependent upon the geography of Panama.

Daytime is very warm and the night time is comparatively cool. The maximum day temperature is not more than 32°C and the average evening temperature is around 21°C. Most of the rainfall occurs during the October and November months. The hilly regions of Panama are quite cold and the yearly temperature fluctuates between 10°C and 19°C.

The ideal time to visit Panama is during the months of December to May when the weather is very soothing.

Climate of the Various Regions in Panama

The city of Panama is situated at the level of the sea thus it is humid all through the year. The level of humidity is usually high, almost about 80%. The valley of Anton and Chriqui province is situated at great heights for which reason their temperature is quite cool.

The coastal regions of Panama have a pleasant kind of a climate throughout the year as they are close to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Panama weather in the tropical mangrove forests and swamps is characterized by heavy rainfall and high humidity.

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