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Land and People of Panama

Panama land and people consists of Panama geography, Panama history facts and the people of Panama. The country of Panama is almost the size South Carolina . The neighboring countries of Panama are Costa Rica and Colombia.

Panama Geography
Panama geography is characterized by coastal plains with rolling hills, dissected upland plains, and rugged mountainous interiors. This Central American country has a total area of 78,200 sq. km and a coastline of 2,490 km. This thin strip of land links South and North America.

The Republic of Panama is well-known for the main watercourse known as the Panama Canal which connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Panama weather is tropical maritime in nature with a hot and humid rainy season extending from May to January. The short dry season extends from January to May.

Panama History
The Republic of Panama was a Spanish colony till 1821. Then it was taken over by Gran Colombia. After Panama became a U.S protectorate, the construction of the Panama canal started full-fledgedly. In the year 2000, Panama was proclaimed independent by the U.S. Government.

People of Panama
Panama people largely hail from Native American and Spanish backgrounds. There are also a large number of immigrants who have migrated from various countries of America and Europe and have settled in Panama.

Population of Panama of over 3,242,000 is comprised of 70% Mestizos, 20% Amerindians and West Indians, and 10% whites.

The people of Panama are known for their rich culture and heritage. Panama people usually speak the languages Spanish and English.

Panama land and people are interconnected. The lifestyle of the Panama people is influenced by the strategic position of Panama between the two continents.

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