Facts about Panama

ContinentNorth America
Lat Long9 00 N, 80 00 W
Area75,517 sq km (29,157 sq miles)
Population3,657,024 (July 2015 est.)
CapitalPanama City
Largest CityPanama City
Official LanguagesSpanish (official), English
Major ReligionRoman Catholic 85%, Protestant 15%
National Day3. November 1903
PresidentJuan Carlos Varela
Vice PresidentIsabel Saint Malo
CurrencyBalboa United States dollar (PAB, USD)
GDP$83.421 billion (2015 est.)
Calling Code507
Time ZoneEST (UTC-5)
Internet TLD.pa
Where is Panama located ?
The country of Panama, officially called as the Republic of Panama, is located on the isthmus which connects the South and the North America.

What is the capital of Panama ?
Panama’s capital is the Panama City which is the largest city of the country.

Who are the neighboring countries of Panama ?
Panama has Colombia to its south-east and Costa Rica to its west. The Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean are to its north and south, respectively.

What is the area and population of Panama ?
Panama covers a total area of 29,157 square miles and according to the July 2014 census the country had 3,608,431 residents.

What is Panama’s official language ?
Spanish is the country’s official language.

Which is Panama’s national flower ?
The national flower of the country is the orchid.

Which currency is used in Panama ?
Panama has two official currencies - the US Dollar and the Panamanian balboa.

When did the country get independent from Spain and Columbia ?
Panama got independence from Spain on 28 December 1821 and from Columbia on 3 November 1903.

What is the Panama Canal ?
Panama Canal is a 48 miles long ship canal in the country of Panama connecting the Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean via Caribbean Sea. Till the year 1999, the US troops used to take care of the Panama Canal after which the country of Panama took full control of the Canal.

What is Panama Viejo ?
The Panama City was devastated by a fire in 28 January 1671 when Henry Morgan, a pirate, set fire to the city. However, on 21 January 1673, i.e., after two years from destruction the Panama City was re-established five miles away from the previous settlement. The original site which was destructed because of the fire is in ruins till date and has now become an attractive tourist spot known by the name of Panama Viejo. Also, Panama Viejo became a part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in the year 1997.

Which is Panama’s highest mountain ?
The highest mountain in the country is “The Volcán Baru” which is almost 11,400 feet high. It is also an active composite volcano and the other name of the mountain is “Volcán de Chiriqui”.

Which religions are followed in Panama ?
The Panamanian Government doesn’t gather data of the people on their respective religious affiliation. However, many sources have estimated that Roman Catholics are around 75-85% of the total population. Other religions being followed in the country are evangelical Christianity, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Bahá'í Faith, and Episcopalians.

Which is Panama’s longest river ?
While Tuira is its largest river, Panama’s longest river is the Chucunaque River.

How many Provinces is the country segregated into ?
The Republic of Panama is segregated in ten Provinces and five Comarcas (indigenous groups) which are as follows:

Provinces : 
  • Bocas del Toro
  • Coclé
  • Los Santos
  • Chiriquí
  • West Panamá
  • Colón
  • Herrera
  • Veraguas
  • Darién
  • Panamá
Regions : 
  • Kuna de Wargandí
  • Ngöbe-Buglé
  • Emberá
  • Kuna de Madugandí
  • Comarca

Which is Central America’s biggest Airport ?
The Tocumen International Airport which is 15 miles away from the Panama City is the biggest airport in Central America. The Airport is the sole airport which possesses two runways. It is also the busiest airport in Central America as per the passenger traffic it handles on daily basis.

Which are the main imports and exports of Panama ?
The major imports of Panama are Medicines, Fuel Products, Cellular Phones, Vehicles, and Iron whereas Watermelons, Pineapples, Bananas, Gold, Sugar and Shrimp are the main exports of the country.

What is the Panama Canal Railway ?
The railway line which links Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean in the Central America is called as the Panama Canal Railway. The Panama Canal Railway is running parallel to Panama Canal. The rail route is 76.6 kilometers long. Panama Canal Railway Company is operating the Railway, the headquarters of whose are located in Panama City.

How is the economy of Panama ?
Panama’s economy is the second largest and the fastest growing in the entire Central America.

Also, Panama's economy is a completely dollarized and a free market one. Tourism, Commerce, and Banking are the main industries providing for the GDP growth since the economy is service sector based. The economy is seeing several construction projects budding up because of the transfer of the Panama Canal from the US to Panama’s government. A significant part of the GDP comes from the revenue the economy gets from the Panama Canal.

Around 80% of the total GDP of Panama comes from their service sector which is indeed very efficiently and effectively developed in the country. Also, Clothing, Shrimp, Bananas, Coffee and Sugar are the major exports for the economy.

Last Updated on: July 12th, 2018