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Religion in Panama

The major Panama religion, followed by the masses is Roman Catholicism, which is practiced by about four-fifths of the population. It is recognized by the Constitution of Panama, that the predominant Panama religion is Roman Catholicism. It also states that Roman Catholic lessons should be given in public schools, although this is not a mandatory instruction.
However the Constitution gives the citizens complete liberty to practice and profess any faith or religion of their choice and the state does not have any sort of prejudice against any Panama religion.

Other Panama Religions

Apart from Roman Catholicism, Protestantism is also another Panama religion, which grew mostly during the later part of the 20th century in the country. The practice of this religion is commonly noticed in the Penetecostal churches. The African races of Bocas del Toro province, the immigrants of west Indies and other Indian tribes have maintained a lengthy tradition of practicing Protestantism. Judaism is another Panama religion and there are 3 synagogues in the country, serving as the places of worship for the Jews. Other Panamanians believe in the syncretic religion Santeria, which fuses certain characteristics of Roman Catholicism and other conventional customs and beliefs of West Africa.

The most important Panama religion is Roman Catholicism, while other traditional beliefs and faiths are followed by the people as well.

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