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Iran Flag

by Aakash Singha

The Flag of Iran consists of three equal horizontal stripes of three different colors, namely green, white and red. Also, download pictures of the Iran flag outline for kids to color.

Iran Flag


Blank Iran Flag

Download Picture of Iran Flag Outline for kids to color

The flag of Iran is a horizontal tricolor featuring three equal bands of green (top), white (middle), and red (bottom). In the middle band of the flag, the national emblem is placed.

Designed by Hamid Nadimi, the emblem is red in color and symbolizes the five principles of Islam.
The emblem is made up of four crescents with a sword in the center. The sword in the center represents the strength of the nation.
To the bottom of the green band and top of the red band, the Takbir is written twenty-two times in the Kufic script. The Takbir reads the phrase Allahu Akbar which translates into “God is greater than can be described.” The number twenty-two is significant as it refers to the Islamic Revolution that occurred on the twenty-second day of the eleventh month of the Iranian calendar.

The colors used in the Iranian flag date back to the period when the Shahs dominated the country. Green is a symbol of Islam and also represents hope and aspirations for a better future; white is a traditional symbol of peace; while red stands for the courage that the Iranians cherish.

The flag of Iran reflects the changes that the Islamic Revolution brought to the country. The flag was formally approved as the national flag on July 29, 1980.

Official Name: Islamic Republic of Iran
Flag Proportion: 4:7
Adopted on: July 29, 1980
Location of Iran: Located in south-western Asia; Bordered by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey
Capital City of Iran: Tehran
Major Cities of Iran: Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad
Area: 636,372 square miles
Population: 8.6 million
Currency: Rial (IRR)
Official Language: Persian
National Anthem: Sorud-e Melli-ye Jomhuri-ye Eslāmi-ye Irān
National symbol(s): lion
National colors: green, white, red
National anthem:
Name: “Soroud-e Melli-ye Jomhouri-ye Eslami-ye Iran” (National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran)
Lyrics/Music: multiple authors/Hassan RIAHI

Fact about Iran (the Islamic Republic of) flag

Country Iran (the Islamic Republic of)
Designed by Hamid Nadimi
Adopted 29. July 1980
Revision 1907, 1933, 1964, 1979, 1980
Design and Colors A horizontal tricolor of green, white, and red charged with the emblem of Iran in red centered on the white stripe. The statement “الله اکؚر” (lit. God is Great) is written in white square Kufic script a total of 22 times on the fringe of both the green and red bands.
Size Ratio 4:7

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